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June 20, 2019 / By Lally
Question: So I need an idea to make a How to... book. It had to be a worst case scenario though. Like how to get out of something like for example. How to avoid Grammy kisses, or How to stay up later then your curfew. Stuff like that, for little kids.
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Jenny Jenny | 5 days ago
Look at the series of books "****** for Dummies" and make something like that. Use some silly illustrations, change up the fonts for headings, special notes/ideas, etc. Sounds like fun. Or, maybe format it like one of those smaller books - like 2" x 3" that are by the check out register in the book store? Be sure to look thru the new "Dangerous Book for Boys" so you do NOT copy anything from there. You don't want your work stopped by a lawsuit before you're even done.
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Flicka Flicka
Well I wrote a How to Procrastinate paper, though that's probably a little out of your age range. How to avoid/escape strangers?
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Dahlia Dahlia
Gather all of the ideas including the ones you have written, and add some crazy fonts and colors, and wonderful illustrations, and you have a how-to book, my friend!!
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