How do most people do concealed carry in the summer?

How do most people do concealed carry in the summer? Topic: Grip case strap
June 26, 2019 / By Laurinda
Question: I'm 19 but when I turn 21 I want to get a glock 19 and use it for concealed carry, because open carry is illegal in this state, but how do most people conceal their guns in the summer because their not wearing jackets so they can't use a shoulder holster and a glock 19 isn't a good gun to carry on your ankle, also I don't wear jackets only sweaters in the winter so if I'm wearing a zip up sweater will it show the holster or straps and if it did would it be illegal
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Joandra Joandra | 3 days ago
28 year old here in Florida. I carry different weapons at different times of the year. In the winter time I carry either my heavy Taurus .357 7 shot revolver or Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm. But those are both big and bulky guns. It's hard to hide them in summer attire. Hot times of the year I carry my Taurus .380 TCP most of the time. It's tiny, has a really cool PDA style case that nobody's ever asked about even without an over shirt, and can also be carried other ways. Get a good quality pocket holster and you can carry it in your pocket or in the waist band and it's print is almost non existent even in shorts. But that small size makes recoil a B**** and accuracy sucks. My .38 is close to the size of the "Baby Glock" your talking about. I can carry that in the pocket, but it prints in light clothes like shorts. I usually carry it in the waist band. For a weapon that size it's the best way to carry for fast access and least printing. Make sure you buy a HOLSTER! Never and I mean NEVER carry a loaded weapon with one in the chamber without some kind of holster covering the trigger. Put your gun and holster on the inside of the pants, either at the front section or at the hip. This way when you sit your legs aren't pushing it up into your ribs. Wear a light under shirt tucked in to keep the holster off your side, also helps keep sweat off the holster and gun. Then wear a loose fitting longer tee shirt or a button up shirt un-tucked. Anything with a pattern helps cover bulges. If it prints at all, for the size of the grip, people would probably think it's a cell phone case under your shirt. Finally, practice practice practice drawing the weapon. It's no good if you don't practice drawing, for the 1% chance your ever going to need to pull it out fast you better know how to get it. Hope this helps. Hickock45 on you tube has some GREAT and informative videos on carry guns, pocket guns, concealed carry guns. You should watch him! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cijFTIfDf... - Legally carrying Concealed Pistols
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Freida Freida
"but how do most people conceal their guns in the summer because their not wearing jackets so they can't use a shoulder holster and a glock 19 isn't a good gun to carry on your ankle" I wear OWB with a photographer's vest and conceal a full-size duty sidearm. It works for me. If you don't mind the look, you could also consider a fanny pack for carry. I do NOT recommend ankle carry except as a last resort. Also, consider a smaller gun for summer carry, like a pocket 9mm or .380acp. Just a thought. These can be carried in a front or back pocket with the right kind of "wallet" holster to break up the outline of the gun, and be reasonably comfortable without a covering garment. Another option would be the Safepacker: http://www.thewilderness.com/storepinnac... Just some ideas.
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Darnell Darnell
Ive been doing concealed carry in Maine, Mass and Alaska since 1978. Summertime is always a challenge. Most people eiether have a summer gun and a winter gun. When I lived in Boston and Portland I carried a small Baretta 380 that fit in a back pocket 'wallet holster' when wearing shorts and a t-shirt........ I just carried an ID card and some $$ in the front pocket when on the beach or wandering about. Come fall and winter I was back to the 45acp 1911. Today - you have allot of great choices for smaller summer guns. Yes, you do eiether give up capacity or stopping power - but at least you have a gun. In the summer - good chance your opponent has only a knife or fists - which can be a legal issue when using deadly force to protect yourself. Just watch CNN today and hear about the issues George Zimmerman is having for defending himself......... although they say the guy he shot 'only had Skittles' - fact is George got a broken nose, broken teeth, and broken skin/bruise on the back of his head that didnt have any Skittle traces. They do not make one gun that 'does it all' - if they did, my wife would have gotten me one and sold all the rest in the safe. Guns are no different than tools - you need to choose the right one for the right job. Today - I still have a small 380 I carry when wearing suits or shorts - but - I also have the 45 for spring and 5.7x28mm FN FiveSeven for fall and winter. My suggestion to you - start looking at the high end holsters like Galco and Bianchi and discover what holsters you can get away with concealing - then play Cinderella and seek/choose a pistol that fits those holster models. Glocks, Sigs, XD's, etc - these are generally 'service pistols' designed for people who have a job that requires a pistol or concealability is not an issue. Have you ever fired a Glock 19? Funny thing - people will spend hours trying on sneakers to walk out with a $40 pair - but - will pluck down $600 or more for a pistol that they have never ever held or fired. You should get as much trigger time on all the different pistols before you lay down hard earned cash. No sense buying a pistol for concealed carry that is not designed for it. Glocks are nice - but - remember the right tool for the right job.
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Breda Breda
I am stationed in Arizona and don't wear much clothing even in the winter mainly because I am from North Dakota. I like a lot of other people wear a inside the waistband holster. With that I usually wear a polo shirt or t-shirt that is a little loose fitted. I carry a full size sig p226 and a sig p220 carry, which isn't that much smaller than a full size. I don't have any problem with people seeing my gun or have any trouble with printing. The day I bought my 220 I went home and cleaned it and showed up at the range/store where I bought it an hour prior. The clerk who sold me the gun was there and I told him I was back to shoot the gun. He looked at me, including my waist area and asked, where's your gun. I told him it is on my hip. He was amazed, and said wow it doesn't print at all. Carrying with a inside the waistband holster is a great way to conceal a gun. Depending on your states laws "printing" (having your gun show threw the shirt) might be illegal. All depends on what state your in.
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Alex Alex
Reconsider the G19. I'd suggest you get something smaller if you plan on only having one firearm to carry year-round. Depending on the state you're in, the law concerning concealed carry is going to vary. Personally, I'd carry IWB with a VERY good quality holster that minimizes printing. The other alternatives would be a very compact shoulder rig underneath a light button-down shirt, or perhaps a belly band holster. In my state, though, the gun can legally print, and it can even become visible when you're going about your daily business- for example, you're at the grocery store and you need something that's on a high shelf. Reaching up to get the box of whatever it is would cause your shirt to ride up a bit, exposing part of your firearm. No harm done, in South Carolina. Perhaps you should begin researching your state's laws, since you have two years until you can carry concealed.
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