What is life - are we mere mortals doomed to die, because that is what life is, or is there more?

What is life - are we mere mortals doomed to die, because that is what life is, or is there more? Topic: What is a word for problem solving
June 26, 2019 / By Charley
Question: are we here just to survive and continue living, dont just say no because of god, lame. but why are we where why does desire to survive lead to evil attrocities that can ultimatley lead to our self destruction and demise. We fight wars to survive, however right or wrong, should we not look to find better solutions to solving problems, we have evolved the most yet evolved the least after 1000's of years shouldnt fighting and wars have stopped. war is the province of man yet no other animals go to war for trivial issues if at all, should we not unite and have a common goal to branch out throughout the universe, are we here to be more than what we are or is it we live to die and nothing more. opinions welcome
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Alured Alured | 9 days ago
Life as we know it is a dream. The true conscious being that we all are is overshadowed by our ego persona. Persona is the Greek word for "mask". Our conscious selves put on a synthetic mask called a personality to deal with the synthetic material world we call life. As long as we whear this mask, we are not thinking with our minds we are thinking for our minds; and our true consciousness is left sleeping in a prepetual dream. Answering your question is deciding whether you're having a good dream or a bad dream. Life is what we precive it to be. And it is the collective consciousness of all beings living in this world that decide the state of this world, for we are all one. There is no empty space in between us. The more we use our five senses to define what is real and the more we try to find substance in this illusion, the more we will all suffer. War, disease, famine; they are all a result of our persona masks living in the place of our true consiousness. We as human beings are countinuously forced to be something we're not. However, when each individual looks underneath this persona mask that covers us and searches through the darkness to find our true selves - we will all come together reveiling the one conscious being that we are. Understanding how to is the key to achieving it. "Pain is a message from the body to the soul that there is something wrong. One cannot fully recover from this pain until they have made right what has been wornged"
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Your life is the most important. It doesnt matter if you're a dog or a human. The life belonging to you matters most. But if you're looking at a whole population, DogsVs.Humans, it seems that humans rely on dogs a lot more than dogs rely on humans. If dogs were in the wild, it wouldn't matter whether you gave them this brand of food or a different one. They can get their own food. Humans have adapted to the high-tech world so much it would be more of a challenge to get our own food. In this world, humans have relied on dogs to help solve ALOT of our problems. Dogs haven't relied on us at all. They've always tried to get the food off the counter, or open the door to go out. If we hadn't trained them to fit OUR needs and wants, they'd just crap on the floor there. We've used dogs for our problems. Therefore, dogs would be more important in general. But I'm not saying humans aren't important. I'm simply saying if you look at it all. Humans are definitely important, we're God's children.

Theda Theda
80% of humanity, the religious folks, don't need to ask the meaning of life, the church tells them....the supernatural explanation. But the rest of us can't swallow religious dogma, because there's no evidence. Nobody can prove that there life after death, that people are tortured or rewarded after life or that there's invisible spirits running around. I've come to two conclusions recently: 1. Life has no meaning 2. Life has a million meanings. First, there's a certainty that death and annihilation awaits not only you, but the Earth in general. It's an astonomical certainty that our sun will supernova and leave the earth a burnt crisp, not to mention all the other extinction level events around the corner. Second, the million things that give us meaning are the pleasurable experiences we can conjure up during the short period we are here on the earth, in the form of the relationships we have with our kids and other people, and the 'housekeeping' types of purposes. What i mean by that are the curing disease, ending hunger, improving literacy, reducing crime, preventing war, helping other kinds of things. So the bottom line is, we only have a temporary meaning to life, to reduce pain and increase pleasure, other than that everything is lost to oblivion. To be or not to be? "To be" is temporary and "not to be" is inevitable.....
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Rosanna Rosanna
Blaspemer! everybody knows that interior the beginning up Eru created each little thing and created the music from which the Valar and maiaer did come. All recognize that Melkor sought to undo the large layout of Melkor, introducing disharmony and clashes into the large music of Eru and that something of Valar fought against him, nevertheless a number of the Maiaer have been decieved by utilising his seeming ought to and became his servants. So gandalf became in straightforward terms a Maiaer that defeated Sauron, in straightforward terms yet another of the Maiaer. Now bypass and beg Eru for forgiveness! for that reason endeth the lesson on the creation and the 1st age of center Earth! Heh, Tlkien could have bee having exciting whilst he wrote that! LOL
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Morven Morven
Try to live as if there's something beyond this world (never mind that it's unlikely that there is). But at the same time look for meaning in the here and now. The human condition is predicated on death, and by that I mean if everyone lived forever (or as long as they wanted to, be it thirty or three thousand years), the world would long since have been so overpopulated that you and I would never have been born. So let's consider ourselves fortunate that we got this tiny sliver of eternity to experience while we're here -- and make the most of it.
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Lizzie Lizzie
yes we are born to die but the process in between alows us to experience the world to see all different things to touch, feel and be able to explore is what we are made for. please appreciate what little life u have on this world to the fullest, i know this is so hard because i have a hard time disconnecting myself from all the pressure society puts on me i would love so much to tell ppl what is on my mind but that is just the way the world works ... and as far as war here is a favorite.quote of mine....Change is best done through a pen, not through a barrel of a gun.
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Karly Karly
Doomed is not the right word. Death is a part of the rhythm. It is just as good as life. Day and night. Heat and cold. Global warming and ice age. Positive pole and negative pole. The answers to all of your questions is within you. You create your world. Turn off the mind and stop looking.
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Hartley Hartley
violent tendancies are no longer a survival trait. Look at how the most violent people now are locked up and rarely get a chance to mate, or their offspring tend to fail. The modern world is going to phase out violence because as humans we are so adaptable.
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Dora Dora
well..my view on this is yeah,we were basically born to die. I don't believe there is some huge meaning to this and yeah, the world is doomed because people made it this way. If they didnt make stupid decisions we wouldnt be in a lot of the messes we are today.
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