Is it a bad thing to have your moon and venus in virgo:(?

Is it a bad thing to have your moon and venus in virgo:(? Topic: Reasons why you should write a business plan
July 18, 2019 / By Laraine
Question: what does it mean ok all you idiots that come into the astrology and dont believe in it and still comment on all of our questions...JUST STOP!!!! believe me we really dont care about your opinion!!! this is obviously not your section so go somewhere else
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Jerrie Jerrie | 8 days ago
No, it's not bad to have your Moon and Venus in Virgo. The short reason why this is so is this (from Harry Potter): Dumbledore to Harry: 'It's not our abilities that defines who we are, it is our choices.' It's the same with Astrology, it's not what you've got, it's what you do with it that counts. Now then, it would be far better to know, in addition to what you've given, the Degrees that each Planet is in. Is Venus at 1 Degree Virgo, and the Moon in 29 Degrees Virgo? Just going by the Sign, (and not the Aspect they're making to each other), neither Venus nor Moon in Virgo is gonna run off in a romantic tizzy. Virgo is a thoughtful, practical Sign. It's Ruled by Mercury, an Air Sign, and is the lower-octave of 'Mentation'. So, again, this combination is not gonna run off, and elope with their boyfriend to Mexico on a whim. Since the Moon represents the 'Feminine Essence', and what we all NEED emotionally to feel secure, Virgo is gonna analyze any 'emotional feelings' that comes its way. It wants to be sure if what is being evoked is in line with their practical needs to stay feeling secure. In other words, it isn't enough that a boyfriend or girlfriend brings you flowers and writes you a love song, you NEED to know that your feelings for them are a wise investment. They better be able to put food on the table and attend to the business of life, of taking care of Moon in Virgo's security needs. Venus represents LOVE & MONEY, *lol*, and also our sense of beauty, of harmony, how something strikes us as beautiful. With Virgo there, again, there is always caution. It's not that Virgo doesn't 'recognize' or 'feel' all those romantic pangs (leave that to Capricorn, *lol*), believe me, they do. But it's ephemeral to them... dreamy... not substantial. It HAS to be backed up by concrete, practical demonstrations in order for them to invest in 'following their love feelings'. Truly, I don't care what all the others say about 'Virgo' and it's 'prissy' self... Being totally in your head, like Aquarius is (Mr. Roboto)... or being a maniac for love, like Sagittarius is (love em and leave em) show the two extremes, the polar opposites of conduct. Virgo is in the middle... it 'feels' everything, but will not act on it just because they feel it. They will take the time to merge their head with their heart before jumping off that cliff. And, really, isn't that the way it SHOULD be? Moon in Virgo people are emotionally reasonable. That doesn't mean they never flip-out... it means that a demonstration like that is rare. They are careful, cautious, and courteous... and always of service to others. Harmony, to them, is reflected in Balance. Everybody doing their fair-share to move along and get along. Venus in Virgo wants to run off to Tuscany, but they won't sacrifice their kid's college fund to do it. They will make a plan, so that both can be accomplished. Again, this is representative of their sense of Harmony, of Balance... and that is what strikes them as 'Beautiful'. Sexually, Virgo is passionate, willing, and demonstrative. They don't play with people's feelings, they are not careless with people's hearts. They realize that sex is more than just bodies, there are FEELINGS involved! But when they give their heart, (and they won't until they're fairly certain the 'other' has given theirs too), they are very sensuous, very desirous, very demonstrative (at least in bed, if not in public), and very giving. If they make a mistake and invest in someone who turns out to not be able to put the bread on the table, they will become disillusioned and start looking for a way out. They are able to set their 'feelings of love' aside, for when 'practical security' is not forthcoming, they feel naked, alone, and vulnerable in the world. They NEED that practical protective security in order to really let loose in the sack. They will give all their trust, all their heart, and all their passion to the one who can provide that sense of 'safety' they so desperately need.
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Jerrie Originally Answered: Venus in virgo in the first house along with jupiter in virgo?
Hey.... Venus in virgo is not a bad position especially with Jupiter. The only thing is that you will tend to gain weight and it give a love of food usually. Later on in life, this is not a good position for digestion and liable to affect the liver or bowels. On another note, this is a good position for business and commercial matters. Leo rising thinks that life is a stage and you are at the center. You need to be appreciated and always looking for a "high approval" rating. Venus gives charm and grace and love of beauty and the arts. A little lazy ...YES !!! Jupiter makes you generous and buoyant and you have to do everything in a BIG way, so much so that naturl exuberance can easily give way to an overblown sense of self-importance. Just a note that , with Venus in Virgo in 1st, that would indicate also that Venus rules in your 2nd house since virgo is on that cusp. What this indicates is that efforts are concentrated on earning money. You will share with others as Virgo is always of service to others. edit...For the lady on top of me... Venus in 6th with Jupiter You have to watch your intestines. The medical field would be good for you. You love meticulous work with aptitude for research. You are picky with co-workers. Nutrition, and diet are of interest. You are the type that proper dressing for each occasion is a “must” You like to work in a relaxed atmosphere and as for love matters, you are cool and reserved and need to be more open in expressing your feelings. You prefer gentle occupations and you have a sense of support for others. One last note…watch the sugar….!!! edit...Mathew,, Virgo is on the 2nd cusp. Mercury is ruler but the fact that Virgo is on your 2nd cusp, and Venus being there, Venus influence spills over to the meaning of the second house. I explained myself wrong. And I repeat, what this indicates is that efforts are concentrated on earning money.
Jerrie Originally Answered: Venus in virgo in the first house along with jupiter in virgo?
I'm sorry if it's wrong to answer with a question or a comment to add, my venus&jupiter are also in Virgo but they are both in the 6th house. I sometimes wonder since Venus in Virgo is not so good, does having jupiter in virgo help the venus? LEFT T- THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'M AMAZED! IT REALLY HELPS ALOT! THANK YOU! YES I DO NEED TO BE CAREFUL WITH SUGAR LOL.

Flora Flora
It's only a bad thing if you think It's a negative thing... My mother has a Virgo Moon... She takes on most of the Virgo characteristics...But,she is a Libra sun sign...SO she's a bit more social and not so conservative. She's very clean and organized. Worries a lot. Extremely critical of her appearance.
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Dalia Dalia
my brother has his moon in Virgo, and i wouldn't say it's a bad thing , a lunar virgo hates doing things wrong or being put into a category or labeled, and when they are it takes them time to forget about it, but they are great socializers, people are drawn to their grace and subconsious earthiness......so it's good to have your moon in Virgo in some ways, it gives the individuals with this sign grace and the subconsious ability to solve problems. if anyone says that it's a bad thing.....then they're most likely to be incorrect, because every moon sign has it's down sides, i'm a lunar Sagittarius and i get annoyed if i'm stuck in routines, now that really is a downside, its supposed to make me a difficult and complicated person, so i can't say i'm safe from judgement lol.
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Dalia Originally Answered: Leo-Aries moon, Virgo-Scorpio Sun?
As always, I would need to have the actual charts in order to compare them for compatibility reasons, because aspects and planet placements tell so much more about a relationship. However i can certainly tell you about your sun/moon compatibility. He is a scorpio sun, which means he is already sexually-oriented, and then throw in the aries moon and it's STAND BACK! He is very ardent and sometimes demanding, and will not commit to a serious relationship unless he is sure he can trust you. However, once he is, he makes for a very passionate and loyal partner. He is physically active (unless things in the chart signify otherwise) and loves to confront challenges with all of his strength and might. He lets off a warrior-like approach to life; he will fight for anything he believes in. He at times seems unreasonable and volitile, but he has much charm and is a magnetic person. You have the meticulous core that exists within all virgos, and your leo moon adds romance, creativity, and strength to your Self. You are more arduous than other virgos, but also somewhat more self-centered. You crave excitement but as long as it is done carefully. Although you expect much from your partner, you are willing to give just as much if not more. You at times depend too much on the thoughts and opinions of others, and your are generally less confident on the inside than you let on. You are quite creative and when you show these "talents", you are at your best. You have both a very strong mind and a very strong will. When you too are together, he will at first be very alluring; he has that "something" to him that seems to draw you in. You present a very well-kept person, someone who knows where she is going in life. He is attracted to the side of you that is creative and passionate, and you are so intrigued by his mysterious and fiery attitude. Both of your moons are fire, meaning your emotions are very intense yet demanding. You are both prone to burn-out and would benefit from giving each other personal space. His sun is water, yours is earth. Earth and water are argueably the most compatible of any of the element combinations, and he will feel very relaxed around you. You are sometimes "put out" by his attitudes towards things, but altogether you both are quite content with how things run. As i stated before, some if not much of this is subject to change depending on both of your birth charts. Astro.com does synastry and composite charts, so if you know his and your birth times, places, and dates, just run them through, create your chart separate from his, then go and run a compatibility test. Or, if you find your charts but there's something you don't understand, you can always come back here to ask. There are alot of people on here who know their stuff, and i'm sure one or more of them would be happy to solve any problems you may have. Compatibility is so detailed at times, there is so much you can over-look, but i wish you both the best! Hope this helps!

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