Would Kroger hire someone at the age of 13?

Would Kroger hire someone at the age of 13? Topic: Kroger jobs application
June 25, 2019 / By Arielle
Question: I'm 13 and i'm in need of a job. I've heard they hire at a young age, but everyone i've asked has given me a different age minimum. I'm not like most other 13 year olds, especially with as messed up as this generation can get. I'm very responsable, and my grades have never gotton below an A-, so i keep straight A's. I can handle having a job and school. I was just wondering if they would hire someone as young as i am. I would highly appreciate it if i didn't get a bunch of rude comments. I live in Michigan, so i hope that helps with giving me an answer. I've tried looking on their website, but the only thing i can find is an application to fill out. If they don't hire at 13, then what's the youngest age they do hire? Thanks a lot in advance! :)
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Zebedee Zebedee | 8 days ago
I used to work there decades ago and I think they were hiring 14 and up. I absolutely loved the time I had there though. Call Kroger and ask somebody at the front desk, the front end manager would probably be right there to talk to you. Good Luck!
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Zebedee Originally Answered: Shoplifting at Kroger?
I used to work at a Kroger in Georgia. A number of Krogers keep what is called a 'bar book' where they keep pictures and/or descriptions of people who have been barred from the store. You have been barred from the store -unless- you are there with your parents. This barring may indeed be meant for the entire country, but it is very difficult to enforce to be honest. If you go to a Kroger in another county, you'll very very likely never be recognized, seeing as you don't think they took a picture. However, barring does not last forever. Without being an employee of that store, I cannot tell you how long those circumstances will last. If that manager sees you at that Kroger and you are not accompanied by your parents, he can call the police and have you removed from the property, or possibly arrested for trespassing. It is very much not a good idea to show up at that Kroger without your parents. Most managers who work at Kroger work a good deal of the time there, and some work over 40 hours a week. I wouldn't take my chances, especially since you were the one shoplifting. Having barred someone from the store myself -and- having people arrested before, you got off remarkably light. I wouldn't take my chances with it. A few of the people I've had arrested for shoplifting are -still- in jail 2 years later. I would tend to agree with the above answer. Write a letter of apology to the manager, and drop it off with a parent. This may or may not help you with being barred, but it is a decent thing to do, and shows that you're actually learned something from this.
Zebedee Originally Answered: Shoplifting at Kroger?
I wouldn't go to that Kroger's again with out your parents for the first couple of times. After that write a letter of apology to the manager and go up there and drop it off. Make a deal, if you shoplift again, he can charge you with both instances. And then just don't ever do it again. I doubt you are banned from them all as they didn't take your picture and didn't make you fill out paperwork. But you are right about you being lucky. Real question is will you take advantage of it? Or will you continue down a bad path?

Sid Sid
Doesn't matter how responsible you are, child labor laws don't let them hire someone under 14. Most stores will require you to be 16, since there are a lot of legal restrictions on work for 14 and 15 year olds.
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Ogden Ogden
does not matter how to blame you're, teenager exertions criminal rules do no longer enable them to lease all of us decrease than 14. maximum shops will require you to be sixteen, on the grounds that there are a number of criminal regulations on artwork for 14 and 15 365 days olds.
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Ogden Originally Answered: Kroger employment question.?
Whether or not they need the help is often irrelevant. What matters is if their budget allows them to hire another employee. Since you filled out the application more than two months before you were legally employable, they may not even have kept your application on file. Go there to fill out another application now that you are available to work. Even if they tell you they keep the applications on file for six months, ask them to check if they have yours. After that all you can do is wait for them to have a position to fill. In the meantime, apply other places too.

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