Corn snake questions?

Corn snake questions? Topic: Python homework
June 26, 2019 / By Bridgette
Question: I really want a snake, and a corn snake seems like a great beginner (plus they're so pretty and cheap). I'm only worried that I won't be able to chill with it while I like watch tv or do homework. I would love a snake that would be able to curl up on your lap or neck or whatever and chill out. I've heard corn snakes are very squirmy, so would a corn snake be able to sit with me while I am looking at something else?
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Algoma Algoma | 6 days ago
Once you get confident you can look at something else. If you want to have your hands free, however, forget about it. Corns are very active and curious during handling and will almost always be moving. You can watch videos with one with you, but doing homework is probably a dream that will not come to fruitition. A ball python may very well be content to rest on you, but not all will do this. As with every animal, they have individual personalities. A rosy boa will also be more likely to be calm to the point of inactivity than a corn.
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Algoma Originally Answered: What else will I need for a corn snake?
First off, good for you for doing your homework and being a conscientious reptile owner, or "herper." It sounds like you have an excellent setup, but let me add a few caveats, gleaned from my own experience. Under-tank heaters and heat pads are notorious for getting too hot and causing burns on reptiles. I had a snake that received a very bad burn from an under-tank heater; he almost died and it cost many hundreds of dollars to nurse him back to health. Test your under-tank heater before you get your snake by plugging it in, letting it warm up, and placing your hand on the bottom of the tank glass, under the bedding (corn snakes will burrow and lie on the glass). Leave your hand there for quite a while--at least twenty minutes--without moving. How hot does the glass get? If it becomes uncomfortable in the slightest bit, it's too hot. Remember that the snake will lie there for hours. If it is too hot, you can try inserting some layers of newspaper between the heat pad and the tank until it is just slightly warm, which is how you'd want it. Make sure that the under-tank heater doesn't cover the entire bottom of the tank--your snake should have a cool spot to go to if he so desires. Also, corn snakes are escape artists. Your aquarium lid must have a tight-fitting top with a heavy screen. Corn snakes are stronger than they look. I used several of the tension clips as well as putting a few heavy bricks along the edges of the tank. Your corn snake will grow to be strong enough to lift up the tank lid if it doesn't have enough clips or weight on it.

Tyrell Tyrell
Corn snakes, in my experience, like to roam around a lot. If you want something similar that is still around the same size and is more sedate, look at Gopher snakes. They're not as pretty, but I've always loved them.
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Riel Riel
I have a corn snake. Obviously at first they will be very squirmy especially at younger ages. Once you handle him for a while and when he gets big you will be able to do that easier. Corn snakes are great beginner pets very easy to care for
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Merritt Merritt
Everybody I know who had a snake lost it. It showed up again about six months later when it got hungry. Yes, a big snake might go six months or so without eating. And I hope it's obvious that the only place a big snake can hide is in the sofa. So the family was sitting on a six foot snake for six months and didn't know it.
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Merritt Originally Answered: What do i need for a basic corn snake set-up?
your going to get a lot of people telling you about heating pads and uv and all these funny crazy things. they are not necessary. i have had a corn for a while and purchased her from he most prestigious reptile company in Canada. not only do they breed there reptiles but the sell supplies. they gave me a life supply of wood chips for substrate dont use sand. the gave me a water dish two hides(cold side warm side) a 20 gallon tank that will last it for life and a heat lamp with a fifty watt infrared bulb. simple as anything. you can shell out tons of money on fancy carzy things. these snakes do better in long tanks over tall and are great first snakes. you can fancy it up with trees and plants but they don't need it. there are those who believe they need so much room and such specific heat requirements. theses snakes are from mid to southern US and trust me it isnt always 78-82 in north Carolina!

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