Need creative ways to announce pregnancy?

Need creative ways to announce pregnancy? Topic: Passing off case search
June 25, 2019 / By Laurie
Question: My husband and I are planning to get pregnant with our first child come this August. We have both proactively been brainstorming on how to announce it to the family, and after searching some different pregnancy websites I decided to turn to the Yahoo Answers community to help me come up with a creative idea to announce it. I wanted it to be unexpected from our families. From what I've read 12 weeks is typically when people announce it just in case of a miscarriage beforehand or anything. Around the 12 week mark will be Thanksgiving so I figure that might be the best way to announce it. Any ideas of something not off the wall corny that would be suprising?
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Joan Joan | 2 days ago
You aren't pregnant yet and are already thinking about how to announce it?... well, I bought this fortune cookies from the internet with the announcementte inside. Took my parent's to their favorite Chinesese restaurant and when the cookies arrived they almost passed out!
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Frederica Frederica
It takes a fertile couple an average of 6 cycles to conceive. If you get your heart set on conceiving first try you are setting yourself up for disappointment especially if you haven't had a fertility work up done. It took us 2 years to conceive. When we passed the 12 week mark we put an ultrasound pic in a mothers day card for my mother in law.
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Darlene Darlene
Like previously stated don't get your heart set on conceiving on the first try most people actually don't. But you could make little paper pregnancy tests looking like a positive and send them out to your family and friends.
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Breanne Breanne
When you have your scan (once your pregnant) get the picture of the scan printed on a top and a arrow pointing down to your stomach, or something and wear a jacket and once your around the people you want to tell, casually take your jacket off. I no its abit cheesy but its all i could think of really! good luck :D
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Alethea Alethea
Here's a classy and dignified way: How about when you see them, you say "We are expecting." Or you can call them on the phone.
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