Game Over! Worst ncaa basketball finals ever?

Game Over! Worst ncaa basketball finals ever? Topic: national no homework day
June 25, 2019 / By Randa
Question: I berly tuned in & msu is down bu 23 points, whats joke! i think Duke & U CONN would match up better against UNC. The 2 best teams don't always play for the championship?
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Mercedes Mercedes | 8 days ago
JJ what do you mean they have no business? Seriously, some people truly are fairweather fans and should do at least SOME homework. Yeah, MSU did get beat by 35, but were in a tourney in Hawaii a day before and had some injuries. MSU is a scrappy team and they've made it this far. Why shouldn't they deserve to play for a national championship? Haha I am hoping for State and I think it will get closer before the game's over. I personally think college basketball is stupid though so I haven't really been siding with any team this year.
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somepers is a troll, nevermind him. At the college game I went to (old dominion university) when we buy tickets, they give you assigned seats. If you buy your tickets with your girlfriend you could possibly get seats next to each other.

Lenora Lenora
Yea I was doing a project for school and I realized that MSU has no business in being on the court with UNC. I mean they lost to them already by 35! The best game was the Pitt Villinova game. None of the final four games were that good. I like having one loss and your done because if it was like the NBA havinig a 7 or 5 game series, the NCAA tournament would go until the summer. MSU is proving my point right now. Dont make excuses for them. "It was in Hawaii, they had injuries." TOO BAD, thats what happens to team. You realize that St. Mary's had injuries and they lost a few games but when they had a full team they won. Yet they didnt make it to the tournament. What does that mean, it means there is no sympathy for injuries. You act like UNC had no injuries. They had one of their Guards out for the season with a torn ACL and Lawson was bothered with the toe for half of the season. So dont talk about homework.
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Jonquil Jonquil
They brackets are designed for the best teams but I don't like how its one loss and your done. UCONN and Duke both had bad games. Thabeet could contain Hansbrough and Duke and UNC is a classic. Any other 1 or 2 seeded team would be better.
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