Why don't more people like Ron Paul?

Why don't more people like Ron Paul? Topic: Problem solving approach in marketing
June 19, 2019 / By Bailey
Question: Basically Ron Paul = Constitution, and I think most Americans like the Constitution, so why doesn't he poll higher? Don't patronize me with the arguments asking where does the constitution say he can get rid of all the federal agencies. Well it says they are not supposed to be there in the first place. Please actually read the Constitution before commenting on it, I am sick and tired of stupid uninformed answers.
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Winnie Winnie | 3 days ago
Conservatives don't like him because he wants people to have social freedoms, which means their religious based regulation of victimless crimes would be affected. Plus they're "law and order" types who feel the police and military should have a very pro-active influence on our lives. They dislike his minimalist approach to police and non-interventionalist foreign policy. Liberals don't like him because he's not willing to support their socialist policies regarding welfare and nanny state government programs. They dislike his open market economic policies and feel that the government should MAKE everyone "equal", no matter what. They also dislike his foreign policy, falsely claiming that it's "isolationist". In short, liberals dislike him because he wants people to have economic freedom and believes that the government should as little influence on our lives as possible. Conservatives dislike him because he wants people to have social freedom and believes that the government should have as little influence on our lives as possible. Why don't more people like Ron Paul? Because most people think the government should solve all of life's problems.
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Sharyl Sharyl
don't know him i work in the legal profession but have not had a chance to weigh what he says or believes him with the Constitution i would need to sit down and do that first but even so, the Constitution is not perfect...it is the best legal document for government on Earth currently, but not perfect i don't want the President to only base his opinions or options on the Constitution....a leader needs to pull from many sources what if something happened not covered in the Constitution? also, being technical that way is not necessarily good for the interests of people there are people who need to have everything on a piece of paper or it doesn't exist and that worries me in any case, most of the people who support Ron Paul seem to be very passionate as a responsible citizen and open minded person, i promise to at least give what he is saying a chance
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Pam Pam
Many people like his platform but dont know of him and arent curious enough to find out more -it is easier for americans to watch cnn or fox or abc or the tidbits in the newspaper who take his platform and twist it kind of like elway - elway makes it sound like there would be no schools (there would and they would be under local control instead of having to follow federal regulatory measures which never work - ron aul states he would rid of us of the cia -fbi- atf,etc but what he didnt state is that ron paul is just removing the bureaucracy and replacing it with one intelligence agency instead of having 30 agencies competing for the same money it would be brought under the same roof and everybody would know who was in charge and decisions could be made much quicker -as for the federal reserve something has to be done when the dollar has lost 40% of its value in the last 10 years (example 1 euro now equals 1 dollar and 42 cents - our dollar is less than a canadian dollar now - if the value of the dollar remained at the levels it was 8 years ago the price of gas would be 40% cheaper as well (think about it )-ron paul is the right vote to fix america today
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Marci Marci
Ron Paul appeals to the extremes, liberals and conservative Repubs. He does not appeal to moderates and those devout Repubs who favor continuing the Iraq war until "we win." His libertarian views are not for everybody, although I do like his stand on illegal immigration and following the US constitution. I hope he stays in the race until the end, but clearly, he has no chance of winning. Most Americans have no idea what is in the constitution. If you were to describe certain parts of the constitution to these ignoramuses, they would be totally against it. This has been done, so I know what I am talking about.
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Kirsteen Kirsteen
Maybe because he isn't the only Presidential candidate who reveres the Constitution. That's one of the things that really bugs me about his supporters. They act like no one cares about the Constitution but Ron Paul. Please. I don't agree with his views and apparently neither do over 95% of our population according to the national polls. He started out sounding like an American apologist and since has done nothing but talk about basically gutting our entire governmental system - from the Dept. of Education to the CIA and the FBI. Nice to talk about doing but he's offered no viable alternatives to replacing those things. He's dangerously naive about foreign affairs and our place in the world. He doesn't stand a chance in Hades of being elected, and considering what I think of his stand on things that's a huge relief.
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