What's happening to my son?

What's happening to my son? Topic: Fourth grade homework reading
June 19, 2019 / By Constantine
Question: In third grade he he tested gifted and put in gifted and talented classes the teacher told me he was the smartest of all the kids in those classes to put it the way she said it he had more potential than the other kids. He has always been something of a trouble maker hes been suspended 6 times and went to ISS twice. His grades fell in the 7th grade by the 8th grade he had B's and C's and in the fresman year he had 1 B 1A and the rest Cs and 1D he usually aces his exams but he never does his homework and consitently skips. Sometimes he will say he's gonna do his homework but after a week he stops his teacher complains hes either too disruptive or he's off playing video games reading a book or listening to music in class instead of paying attention he also expirements with drugs and gets into fights i remember having to come to school in the first week because him and his friend who also used to be in gifted and talented classes fought four other kids i don't know what to do with him
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Arny Arny | 7 days ago
Yeah as soon as i read the title i knew drugs where going to be involved. "Experimenting" with drugs? Like what drugs? Regardless that won't help with skipping or doing homework. All i can say is drugs were my problem in high school. I did fine freshman year and sophomore year i started smoking and pretty quickly got into "experimenting" And basically just skipped 3 years of school. Got kicked out 3 times. Although i was never a fighter...
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Arny Originally Answered: Why is this happening to me?
Be who you are and follow your dreams and desires in life and don't give up until you get there. Only then will you be happy with your life. You are the only one that knows what will make "You" a happy balanced person.

Unice Unice
It rather will depend on the son and in addition the state that the case is in. However most often such a lot judging will rule at the part of the mum finish of tale. For your husband to have a well threat of profitable both you conform to it or your husband demands an excessively powerful case in opposition to why your an undeserving mom which commonly might be involving medications and/or youngster abuse and in addition how he and his present female friend might be a a ways bigger atmosphere for his son. Income is not so much of an obstacle except the mum is unemployed for lengthy durations of time and no longer offering for the son. However ninety nine% of instances even in instances of drug utilising moms the mum will get custody. I will say this, try to no longer take your son clear of his father thoroughly. The functional factor he needs to be in his sons existence says alot and a boy demands his father identical to a daughter demands her mom. From individual revel in a unmarried mom with out a male figures round isn't a suitable situation to elevate a boy. He demands that male position mannequin. While you may also no longer like the daddy anymore if commonly he is a well guy take talents of that along with your son. In the top who offers a rattling what you or the daddy consider is first-rate or what you wish, its whats first-rate for any youngsters concerned. Thats wherein optimistically the pass judgement on might be reasonable and make a high-quality resolution.
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Sariah Sariah
"Teenagers scare the living **** out of me 'cause they could care less as long as someone will bleed" ~My chemical romance Being smart is not an easy thing and potential does not equate to intellect. And if he is going to a neighborhood school, than it becomes even harder to deal with. Being smart in your adolescence is not a symbol of "coolness". Also, being in the gifted class in third grade isn't a really incredible feat and letting him believe that he is more than he is can lead to arrogance like his behavior with homework. He probably thinks he doesn't need to do it because he isn't going to get anything out of it because he had more "potential than any other kid." Potential, again, does not equate to intellect and the phrase "use it or lose it" rings true to potential. Talk to him. Talk to him. Talk to him.
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Nora Nora
Sometimes when children are so intelligent, they tend to get bored with school & need other things to challenge them. Having a friend on drugs certainly isn't any help either. This happened to a student in our daughter's school. His parents had to send their child away for treatment, but it worked. You could start by ordering the program I've listed below. A friend of mine used it with great success. They also have a helpline you can call. It's not too late. You can help your son & need to try something as soon as you can. I wish you the best.
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Mabel Mabel
Just getting older. He is re-evaluating how he spends his time and testing social limits. If he continues to have problems, it would be worth checking for underlying problems--anything from ADD to migraines to some forms of epilepsy can lead to these behaviors. If it is mostly emotional, he definitely needs to know his parents are on his side and available to help--for that you need to talk. No dramatics, just calm factual discussion.
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Kell Kell
Hello Carmen, yes it is due to the transition into adolescence. Be friendly with him and don't use harsh words. Better consult with a psychotherapist. All the best
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