Any ideas for my Red Sox article?

Any ideas for my Red Sox article? Topic: How to write an article for kids
June 26, 2019 / By Macy
Question: I'm writing an article about the 2007 Red Sox. I don't know what or how much I should include. I have many ideas about players, ingeries, trades, the post season and the management. I have even thought of adding top game highlights and Soxappeal. Any ideas about what I should leave out, or definetly put? Should I focus on the post season leaving out the bulk of it or I could just have all the highlights and list them? Lucky to Make the playoff's next yr.? You have got to be kidding me. With almost everyone coming back just as strong, trading away the ones who aren't and Jacoby being a rookie they have every chance. Your Yanks on the other hand.... No Torre or Rivera for sure. ARod is pretty much gone....you have bigger things to worry about.
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Jehoiakim Jehoiakim | 3 days ago
Clay Buchholz' no hitter in his second career start. The Mother's Day Miracle against Baltimore. Down 5-0 with one out and nobody on base in the 9th and they scored 6 runs to win. Pedroia's possible Rookie of the Year season, especially after his very slow start. Lester's first start in Cleveland after battling cancer. The emergence of Jacoby Ellsbury. Winning the division, being down 3-1 to Cleveland, then winning 7 straight to win the pennant and World Series.
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Gayelord Gayelord
Write about what made the 2007 Sox successful. Start with off season acquisitions, highlight key performers and talk about their personality. Discuss turning points in the season like the Mothers Day miracle. Talk about Francona's affect on the club and the post season heroics! Good Luck! 35 year Sox Fan!
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Dexter Dexter
God, pink Sox ceaselessly. I stay in Mass. and that i'm a die-confusing crimson Sox fan and Yankees-hater, have been thinking the reality that i replaced into 9 (i'm sixteen now.) i'm completely happy to look there could be better thumbs-up for human beings who suggested purple Sox!!!!!!
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Bevan Bevan
Definatly put in Becketts pitching and how Okajima was the biggest surprise. you could also probably mention how much of a waste Lugo and Drew contracts were.Also mention Pedeoia's year and how he is almost a definite winner for the rookie of th year
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Abner Abner
basicallly everything you mentioned some top players any new players coming next season injuries managment other than what you already said but in events from this past season and playoffs and definitly the world series
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