Is democracy on the decline in the world?

Is democracy on the decline in the world? Topic: King case supreme court
July 17, 2019 / By Nola
Question: I can't believe how out of control and stupid America is. People need to be controlled and respect a consolidated, higher authority. When Supreme Court cases decide whether or not a child murderer should go free because he wasn't read his rights, and Congress debates the viability of the BCS Football system, you really have to wonder whether Democracy is a total failure. The lawyers control the country, and common sense has been thrown out the window because of the lawsuit frenzy that has engulfed America. Schools are out of control, our kids are dumb shits, and the adults are dumb shits as well. We are gradually losing our prominence in the world worrying about whether or not torturing terrorists is acceptable, because we actually have to listen to the idiots that oppose it. We are becoming a nation of idiots, full of people who think their voice matters as much as any world leader or academic. Is it time for the people to lose their voice and follow one man as their leader, without question? Call dictatorships or monarchies primitive all you want, they work. Most businesses are dictatorships. So if that is so primitive, why aren't most businesses democracies? Maybe the closest thing to an answer you have is the auto companies, where the laborers get paid 50-100K a year to put together cars and have lifetime health insurance that ultimately screws up the company down the road? Hey, I wouldn't mind for these guys to get paid well, but there's getting paid well, and getting paid like a king, AND STILL BITCHING ABOUT IT. America is getting that way. Everyone thinks the 1st Amendment and sketchy lawyers gives them the right to act like a brat, demand to be lazy and impose their moral-less ways on everyone else. It's comfort over country. If things keep declining like they are now, I fully predict America, and many other countries around the world will turn into dictatorships. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were intended to look out for the rights and welfare of individuals so we could live a better life. What we are seeing now is that over time, free individuals abuse their rights and put their own society at risk. People simply cannot be trusted to rule themselves. What the hell do Jewish people have to do with this? Hitler was a dictator, but that does not mean a dictator is an anti-Semite, automatically. Use logic.
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Lysanne Lysanne | 5 days ago
Democracy never existed. Last time I check, you/me, we dont make the laws. Those rich lying bastards does
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Keitha Keitha
Wow, you have derailed. 1. Our form of Government is a Constitutional Republic. 2. You are begging to be a slave, which doesn't make sense. 3. Democracy is mob rule and our Constitution forbids such behavior. 4. You should maybe move to North Korea and see how you like it. 5. Read some history for pete's sake. 6. Your freedom was paid for with the blood of heroes so have some respect. At what point to you think you will get to retain your rights while others lose theirs? If one loses rights, we all do.
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Indy Indy
The larger the population, more advanced the technology, and more interdependent the world's corporate and financial institutions on the resources of other countries... ... the less likely you will be able to effectively keep an educated, independent Republic. Democracy has been over for a long time. We function by calling ourselves a democracy so that people don't revolt in the name of freedom, but a democracy is far from what really happens. The elite are just riding out this trend for as long as they can. The more apathetic and dependent we become (thanks to their efforts), the more easily they retain their wealth and power.
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Eldreda Eldreda
Democracy and a Constitutional Republic though are not the same thing, that's a common misconception. The people can vote for their representatives, but the people do not make any of the laws. Though the nation of Iraq went from a totalitarian state to a Nation with it's own constitution. So that counts if you want to add that to your list of "Democratic" Nations.
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