How long should I wait to re-invest? Dow crashing? Recession?

How long should I wait to re-invest? Dow crashing? Recession? Topic: Big data research areas
June 25, 2019 / By Sloan
Question: I know I can increase my gains substantially if I buy low, the dow looks like it's ready to take a nose dive. Just wondering how low I should let it go before I invest.
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Orrell Orrell | 5 days ago
No one knows that answer for sure. In a situation such as this, this is where you define yourself from the herd. I would suggest the following strategy: 1) look at the big picture. open your eyes to what is anticipated to grow in the years to come (energy sector has a few years left, same with aerospace (Boeing!!!), health-care is trickier but will be growing by leaps and bounds in years to come.) Research the area you fell the most comfortable with. 2) Invest incrementally! You don't know what will happen to the market tomorrow, so don't put all your eggs in the basket at once! If you find some stocks that you have researched to be poised to do well in the months or years to come (depending on your investment horizon), than gradually get involved. I would suggest investing in 25% increments to your desired position, over the course of several weeks. Pay special attention to days when certain reports are due out. A good place to go for that is www.bloomberg.com. Look under "Market Data" and select economic calender. This will show you what reports are due out and you can then decypher for yourself which one will have what kind of impact on the market that day...and then develop your strategy that day around your investment goals. Hope this helped!
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Lem Lem
The Dow and S&P broke Major Support today; looks to be going a lot lower, not just a little. This is not a prediction, merely a strong probability. The Nasdaq broke down two days ago, and the Russell is at a 16 month low. Everything seems to confirm the same thing. Look out below.
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Jafet Jafet
Thats a tough one, but one thing is certain, if the market makes a comeback, that is something you want to be a part of, the trick is being in good companies that people are liking right now, sectors that include mining stocks, pharmeceuticals and telecom... all good ideas for the next 6 months, if you need some good ideas, you should check out the folks at www.thewallstreethunter.com they have a great track record for their model portfolios, you just trade right along with them... Good Luck
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Fletcher Fletcher
Don’t we all want to know the answer to your question but as Baron Rothschild once said, "BUY when there's blood in the streets." The 'streets' have a 'nosebleed' now. In lieu of investing one lump sum on one day, you may want to consider dollar cost averaging.
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