Im bored, any suggestions on what to do?

Im bored, any suggestions on what to do? Topic: Studies on less homework
July 17, 2019 / By Catigern
Question: im 14, at home, and im really bored right now. i have no siblings and its 7:40 so i cant really play outside because its to dark. i cant have a friend over. and im done all my homework. im also trying to spend less time on my ps3 because i play on that thing way to much. heres a list of things im not going to do: study or anything school related
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Best Answers: Im bored, any suggestions on what to do?

Allysdair Allysdair | 10 days ago
TV, browse the net for things of your interest. Facebook. Watch movies on HBO, sort of that kind of things. I hope it would help.
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Allysdair Originally Answered: Really bored.Suggestions please?
You never know if you are bored until you've tried these websites: 1. http://www.addictinggames.com - one of the best free gaming websites that I have seen to date on the internet. There are HUNDREDS of fast, easy, and fun games that one can play on this site. 2. http://answers.yahoo.com - This website is the best way that I have found to pass the time away. All you have to do is have a desire to help other people out with their questions and that's all you have to do :) Pretty fun and easy :) 3. http://www.facebook.com - This is one of the best ways that I have found for somebody like you to keep in contacts with all of their real life friends, and it is a really fun place to be. This is definitely one of the better sites to waste some time on :) 4. http://www.livejournal.com - If you like journaling, then you will absolutely LOVE this site! This site gives you your own journal as well as the means to write in it and say exactly what you want. Other people can see your blog and it is one of the better blog sites out there :) 5. http://www.kongregate.com - If you like playing online games, then this site is another good gaming site that also has in-game chat with lots of other people. 6. http://www.youtube.com - This site has hundreds of thousands of videos that you can watch to whittle away the time that you have on the Internet. There are many great videos on this site that can really capture your attention. 7. http://www.runescape.com - This MMORPG has hundreds of thousands of players playing it simultaneously, and it has a lot of content, which means you won't get bored fairly easy. Registration is needed, but is free :). 8. http://maplestory.nexon.net - This MMORPG has literally millions of players that play it, has an amazing amount of content, has a great support system, and is very fun to play with your friends :D. Registration is needed, which is free, and a massive download is also required, but is also free. Only choose this option if your Internet is fast enough to download a 1.078GB file! 9. http://www.freerice.com - This site helps you to build your knowledge base while helping to feed all the hungry people in the world and is a great site that has lots of fun games to play all while helping to feed the hungry :) Other things you can do: Read a book Solve a sudoku puzzle Solve a crossword puzzle Take a nap Take a walk Call some friends over and watch a movie together. Watch television Call some friends over and play video games Call some friends over and play board games Call some friends over and play truth or dare. Go bowling. Go to a movie theatre and watch a movie. Hope this helps give you quite a few ideas to help you from becoming bored :)
Allysdair Originally Answered: Really bored.Suggestions please?
Go to letmewatchthis.ru and watch your favorite movies and television shows. When you have picked your movie, choose the link to putlocker and click the black play button, and you can watch virtually anything, streaming and free. NOTE: It is important that you click the black play button in the middle of the video screen, the other buttons are advertisment links.

Allysdair Originally Answered: I'm bored any suggestions of what I can do that's fun but reasonable for a 17 year old?
shoot paintballs at any and all roadsigns nearby, a slingshot & rocks, you aint old enough to drink or that would have been my first suggestion in that case, fill up plastic soda/water bottles with water, set them in a row and play with the pellet gun, be sure to wear safety glasses, they occasionally richochet Poll: hell yeah I like cowgirls
Allysdair Originally Answered: I'm bored any suggestions of what I can do that's fun but reasonable for a 17 year old?
hmm......when i was 17 i used to go driving around with my best friend and surf on the side of her jeep. Meaning i would hang like an idiot from her topless jeep on one of the polls with my legs flying in the air...okay dont do that...very dangerous. I went to the lake a lot. I did party but really all that does is kill brain cells and you need those. Umm....I live in oklahoma so the entertainment here is poopy. Umm....go play pool. I see a lot of cowgirl/cowboy types play pool. Cowboys are fun! A little to risky for me cause they always have too much fun but they no how to make a girl laugh.
Allysdair Originally Answered: I'm bored any suggestions of what I can do that's fun but reasonable for a 17 year old?
I don't care for cowgirls. Most of them have way too much emphasis on the "cow" part. They are heifers! And the guys are homo's. Neither one have ever lived on a ranch or farm so why be something you're not? Save that for Halloween. As far as keeping yourself occupied, get some exercise. Sit ups, push ups, running, stretching, etc. The swimsuit weather is getting close and if you want to look good in a bikini, get than flabby body of yours out there and do something!

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