What should I call this book?

What should I call this book? Topic: Working on homework saturday night
June 20, 2019 / By Lucile
Question: CHAPTER 1 Crack! I heard a gunshot go off. I froze for a minute and looked around. Nothing. Crack! Crack! I ran towards the exit of the forest, scared that one of the shots would hit me. Plus it was 4:30. I needed to meet up with the gang. I meet up with them every Saturday near our school. Usually, we just go there, chat for about ten minutes and then go home. It was the same today. Just this time, the chat was about the end of year prom and who they were going with. “I can’t wait until the prom! I’m going with Melissa Braviosky!” That’s Ethan. He’s always boasting about who he goes out with and how well he’s doing in football practise and stuff like that. But he’s still our friend “Who cares what kind of girl you decide to snog as soon as you go out with! I’m going with Saffron here, just as friends, though.’ That’s Max. He’s the one that sticks up for most of us if we were ever in danger. ‘Sure! Everyone knows that just because you say you’re just friends, you hope that one day she’ll ask you out!’ That’s Ben. He’s the mood spoiler. He picks his time really carefully. Hell, he doesn’t pick them at all; he just spoils every good moment around. Then there’s Cedric. He’s the quiet one. I don’t know why, but it seems to help him quite a lot. He always gets straight As and never brags about it. And finally, there’s me. Saffron Mary Isabel Jaego. I’m the, well, sort of, leader of the group. I met Max first, when I moved here from Plymouth to go live with my Dad. Don’t ask. After everyone had finished talking we all set of home. Damn, I think I missed my curfew. I got home and there was a parcel from Aunt Sally. Probably an early Xmas prezzie. I put it under the tree just to be sure, though. Dad greeted me with the usual ‘What’s the time, Miss Late-For-Her-Curfew?’ Nice to see you too. It was 5 o’clock and it was getting dark out. I didn’t have the heart to reply, because, I knew I would get grounded, so I just went up to my bedroom and waited for Dad to call me down for dinner. I decided to log on to Facebook to see what the latest gossip was about the youth club’s silent party on Friday night. It turned out to be the biggest load of crap in the world. Ben owes me £5. I came off of Facebook and moved on to the iFollow app I downloaded a year ago when I was working with Jacob on a project about Vale Castle. I decided to see what Max and his family were up to. They were heading towards the Chapel near their house; probably have to go to a wedding or something. Next, I checked up on Ethan. He was around Melissa’s house doing I-Don’t-Know-What (and actually, I didn’t want to know what.) After about 5 minutes of doing nothing Dad called me down because dinner was on the table. I came down and he had a concerned look on his face. ‘What’s wrong Dad?’ I asked in a way that makes them answer no matter what. ‘I heard that you missed out on yet another Science essay for homework. Get the info tomorrow.’ Phew... Dad didn’t realise It had to be in on Tuesday, so that’s a whole lot off of my mind. Dad continued. ‘Why do you keep missing out on assignments? Do you want to end up working at McDonald’s like all the other dummies? Then get your assignment, Tomorrow, or else!’ Didn’t he realise tomorrow was Sunday? That’s when it all started. If you've ever read Virals by Kathy Reichs, that is the kind of story I'm going for. If you've ever read Virals by Kathy Reichs, that is the kind of story I'm going for.
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Kaycee Kaycee | 2 days ago
I'd call it "Thoughts", because you've really put an emphasis on the main character's thoughts. And I'd recommend you to use a lot less details, like the "iFollow app" and all that stuff, so many details would bore the readers, trust me.
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