Retard teacher cheating on quiz?

Retard teacher cheating on quiz? Topic: Write around the room paper
June 20, 2019 / By Lyndi
Question: Well i was in the middle of taking my test and my substitute teacher walks up to me and says ive been watching you and noticed that you are looking at your neighbors test (8th grade) and i was like wtf i was looking at the clock ( didnt say wtf or cuss) and she said no you werent. then she sent me to the back of the room (im taking 8th grade algebra so a 9th grade course). then she wrote my teacher a note saying i cheated. but before that she gave me a 15 minute talk about cheating. i told her i get nervous easily and look around the room (which is true) so know what!? can someone tell me of a disorder or a problem inwhich you get nervous and look around a room? She also said im a good kid and crap like that :P Again, I would not and do not plan on cheating. Cheating goes against the purpose of being and school and i would never cheat.
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Kaylin Kaylin | 1 day ago
If the sub is accusing you of cheating, then you paper would probably have lots of erasures and your answers would match up with the test paper of the student beside you. That may well show your regular teacher that you didn't cheat - unless you both earned !00% and would have been expected to. If you normally have excellent test scores, that is another reason why you have no need to cheat. It would be to your great advantage to learn to not look around the room. When you take SAT's in a few years, that just isn't tolerated. You keep your eyes on your own paper. You don't need to have a disorder to get nervous. Don't try to blame this on some kind of nervous condition. It's OK. Talk to your teacher and just tell the truth.
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Hunter Hunter
Why is a substitute teacher giving the class a test in the first place?I would explain to your regular teacher what you were doing and if this has never happened before, your regular teacher should accept your explanation.Maybe your classmates seating near you can reassure the teacher that you were not looking at their papers.
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Edwina Edwina
Explain this to your regular teacher and take matters into your own hands by suggesting that you be seated up against and facing the wall so you won't be perceived as a cheater.
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Charley Charley
'can someone tell me of a disorder or a problem inwhich you get nervous and look around a room?' don't tell me you're looking for an excuse, haha! everyone get's nervous! deal with it, study, stop cheating.
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