List three variables that are not controlled HELP PLEASE?

List three variables that are not controlled HELP PLEASE? Topic: Hypothesis for kids
June 19, 2019 / By Lynne
Question: Philip, who teaches first grade, believes that educational television programs such as Sesame Street promote reading ability in young children. He announces his hunch to his students and tells their parents about his idea during a P.T.A. meeting. Some parents respond enthusiastically when he asks for volunteers to participate in a three-month experiment to test his hypothesis. Ten volunteers are assigned to the experimental group and instructed to have their children watch the one-hour Sesame Street program each day after school. The parents of ten other students, who are picked at random from the remaining members of the class, receive the same instructions, except that the program they watch is a one-hour non-educational cartoon. After the three-month period, Philip administers a standardized reading test to both groups. He is delighted to find that the average test score of the students in the experimental group is substantially higher than that of the students in the comparison group.
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Keeley Keeley | 9 days ago
Here are some of my ideas: Average pretest reading levels for each group Other languages spoken in the home Gender - were there more boys or girls in one group Average age in years and months...one group could have had kids who were closer to seven and one could have been closer to just turning 6. Other time spent doing educational activities at home such as flash cards and reading Did the teacher know which groups children were assigned to? He could have treated them differently without intending to. Were there any undiagnosed health or learning problems that may have had an impact on learning?
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Ileen Ileen
I don't know if you were looking for this, but the Independent variable (controlled) => which TV show they watched. Dependent variable (not controlled) => the test scores other variables that are not controlled are: 1. The average test scores of the kids before the experiment (unless he went by how much the scores had improved) 2. Whether or not the kids were watching other educational shows besides Sesame Street. 3. How much the kids in each group were reading, learning or playing with letters, etc. which would improve their reading ability 4. Environment in which they watched the shows I can't think of anymore at the moment, hope it helped! xoxox T_W :D
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