What are good jobs for college students planning on going to medical school?

What are good jobs for college students planning on going to medical school? Topic: Jobs applications for high school students
July 19, 2019 / By Deni
Question: I am a college freshman and am planning on going to medical school after I graduate. I know I need to get some sort of experience in the medical field to look good on my applications. I was wondering what types of summer jobs I could get that would be good experience in the medical field. I know a lot of these jobs require some sort of training and I was hoping I could maybe do some online training so I could get a better and higher paying job. If anybody can help me out on this that would be great, thanks.
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Best Answers: What are good jobs for college students planning on going to medical school?

Caleigh Caleigh | 1 day ago
Volunteer at a hospital. You can also get involved in research, which also looks good for medical school.
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Caleigh Originally Answered: What are some good jobs for college students during the weekdays?
1. Barista at Starbucks, Duncan Donuts 2. Sales Associate at a retail store like Best Buy, Fry's, Home Depot, Radio Shack 3. UPS package handler 4. Overnight Stocker in any type of store. Doesn't have to be a grocery store. Could be a hardware store. 5. Cashier. Same as 4. Could be a cashier at anywhere. 6. Receptionist for a car dealership, an insurance company or any other business firm 7. Data entry. This one requires a bit of clerical experience, but is pretty easy to get into. All you do is type information from paper forms and applications. 8. Paid internship All these jobs are for the little-to-no-work-experience college students.

Alycia Alycia
I'm a college and high school student i'm doing a dual enrollment First semester: Japanese I Web page and design Health Science I Honors English IV Med 121 Terminology (This counted as a honors class for high school) Second Semester ( Now) Health Science II and my teacher is working with me so a can challenge the a test so I can be a CNA Environmental and Resources Advance Functions but I'm changing this into honors Pre-Calculus Japanese II CIS 115 For my dual enrollment I am majoring in Surgical Technology I want to be a cardiologist, but before then I am still stuck between transferring my community college degree and double majoring in biology with pre-med at a four year university or being a RN with pre-med Looking at some of the other post my class look like crap XD
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Verne Verne
My fiancee (now an MD) volunteered a lot at the hospital, and eventually did a year with Americorps.
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Rorie Rorie
You could be a receptionist at a medical office...or work in any dept at a hospital..medical records.admissions etc..if nothing else being in the hospital envirnonment itself will help you alot
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Rorie Originally Answered: Do I still have to try to get good grades in high school if I am planning to get a GED and go to college?
What, do you think college is easy? College is harder than high school. The things you learn in High School are the building blocks for the skills you need to be a succesful college student. So yes, you should aim for good grades. By the way, no matter how tough it is--- get the diploma. A GED may be easier but it holds virtually no weight in the business world.

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