Math or Computer Science?

Math or Computer Science? Topic: Computer algorithm and problem solving
July 17, 2019 / By Ellie
Question: I'm having a hard time deciding over these two undergraduate degrees. To me, mathematics seems to be applicable to every field. Even in the future, mathematics will continue to live on. But computers? I always thought that someday, computers will be replaced by a new type of technology, and in the future, computer science will be replaced. I do LOVE programming and designing algorithms for computers. I'm just afraid what I love will be replaced in the future. I know I'm weird that I want to study for something that will last. Please don't blame me. If I were to choose one degree, which one should I choose. Thanks.
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Christabella Christabella | 8 days ago
100% VOTE for Computer Science. First of all, I don't think there will be anything that has the power to replace computer technology in the future. And even if there is a chance that such a technology will appear, it will take at least 10-20 years for the society to acknowledge of that. If you study Computer Science, you have the chance to learn about a lot of software and the basic fundamentals of computing which are incredible interesting. With Computer Science program, you can improve a lot of skills in both designing and programming. I would recommend you to sign up for that
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Christabella Originally Answered: Why is computer science so much harder than math?
I'm not sure I understand your questions since you seem to contradict yourself a bit. Simple programming just requires step-by-step methodological thinking and "math" is a word that can mean many things. Some types of programming require intense math. Some types of programming require very little math. Computer hardware design is generally considered to be electrical or electronic engineering rather than "computer science."

Aundria Aundria
Don't afraid that computer will be replaced by something. it becomes now human part life like mobiles. Even in any technology, it will be built up with basic concepts and the development will be going on with that basic concepts. So if are a mastered in computer. even what u think as the computer will be replaced that will also have the basic concepts. You can update your degree with your computer degree. so don't worry go ahead with computer degree which you like more.
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Abbigail Abbigail
To choose which one is best you have to only hear your feeling. but don't worry by thinking computer technology will replaced by another technology don't think computer techno will replaced by another may after 200 years 200 hundred think about it.life is too short! she didn't let you to see that.
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Stan Stan
actual the completed computer is working on maths. if u r a low point programmer then u could desire to recognize the binary and hexa calculations, if u would be progamming for company, the accouting or formul;a are a could desire to for different will the artwork has already been performed . so u dont could desire to recognize maths to do ur artwork
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Stan Originally Answered: Bad at math but wanting to major in Computer Science?
Computer Science is math-intensive — more in algebra (discrete math) than calculus but still intensive. Perhaps you should consider Software Engineering Technology instead.

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