I would like to go to grad school but i was turned down because of a low undergrad GPA, what should i do?

I would like to go to grad school but i was turned down because of a low undergrad GPA, what should i do? Topic: undergraduate coursework
June 19, 2019 / By Alysha
Question: i would really like to attend graduate school for university programs and educational leadership, but my undergraduate GPA was 2.99 and i was turned down. i have looked at online schools but i dont know if that is the best AT SHOULD I DO??????
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Best Answers: I would like to go to grad school but i was turned down because of a low undergrad GPA, what should i do?

Vick Vick | 8 days ago
You have several options: 1. Get a job in the area you are interested in, and find a company that sponsors graduate programs in your area of study. Because the employer will contribute to the program, you can get into it, though it may take longer to do it part time. 2. Focus on your board test scores as a way of improving your competitiveness. 3. Work on certificates (graduate or professional) to demonstrate competence and interest in your area of endeavor. Professional certifications can be as good as a graduate degree for some job applications. 4. Get into a 'non-objective' graduate program (state university, etc.) part time and demonstrate a good grade average in high level coursework. 5. Pursue a grad program with a 'non-traditional' school...either for profit or on-line. Be sure that it is academically qualified. 6. Wait. With the economy bad, there are a LOT of applicants to go back to school. When the economy turns, this may slack off a bit and make you more competitive. 7. Go back for a second bachelors degree...and really crank the GPA.
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Vick Originally Answered: Probability of getting into a top US grad school/PhD program?
I had all that from a top school and a lot more research and publications than you have. I didn't get into any top 30 grad programs in my field. Some people simply had a lot more. The GRE really doesn't matter as long as you don't bomb it. GPA, subject GRE, and research experience count a lot more towards admission. Apply to those if you must, but have some very solid backup plans (and a top 50 school is not a solid backup plan). Maybe you'll get lucky. Most people won't.

Rowan Rowan
You undergrad GPA concerns a great deal once you practice to Grad faculties for any Grad college you want a minimum of a three.0 GPA. you're not to any extent further shifting into an Ivy League with a three.3 yet with a strong GRE you would possibly want to get right into a grad college
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Monty Monty
Getting a post-grad qualification is, IMHO, a very wise thing to do. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has an undergrad degree these days - post grad is where the action really is and what will pile the dollars on when you go to work. Jobs will be easier to get and promotion quicker. Don't worry about being rejected, there are plenty of fine schools out there that accept anyone regardless of GPA. IMHO the best is Harvard Extension School: http://www.extension.harvard.edu/2008-09... Another school that will almost certainly accept you is Belevue: http://www.bellevue.edu/degrees/index.as... Still another is Regis: http://cps.regis.edu/degrees-master-arts... So congratulations on choosing postgraduate study. And congratulations on your GPA - its great IMHO. Oh - one more thing. Don't do an MBA now - save that for later. The better programs require job experience. Thanks Bill
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Kearney Kearney
You could try asking one of the schools you got turned from to accept you on a probational basis, or you could take a few grad-level classes as a non-degree student (you pay by the credit hour and don't need to be enrolled to do this) and use good grades in those classes as leverage to reapply to the program. I've seen a few people get into grad school this way, although to be fair, none of them ended up graduating.
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Heathcliff Heathcliff
That grad school must be doing very well to turn down a student with potential, usually they will let you in on probation and give you a semester to prove yourself. I would suggest that you look around and see if there is another graduate school where you can apply. You might also have a talk with the admissions people at the school that rejected you and see what you can do to get in, sometimes their objections can be overcome.
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Elioenai Elioenai
Find a job! You may find that there are other opportunities besides Grad school. Most of the time your company can pay for your education.
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Chase Chase
Make an appointment with your college counselor. Ask him/her what, in their professional opinion you should do to get into grad school.
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Chase Originally Answered: Letter of Recommendation to Grad School?
whats up, in case you prefer to attend Graduate college, the varieties in which you will possibly desire to grant your letters of advice selection. in case you're goind to attend in Fall 2009, you will possibly desire to have your letters of advice by potential of now, as your purposes might desire to be properly on there thank you to the colleges. some Graduate courses do enable an applicant to place up their purposes by potential of way of the internet, which additionally forces your professors to place up them this way as properly. be conscious, even however that many colleges nonetheless do no longer make the main of this technique of application submissions. Many courses mandate you mail your purposes the classic way, by potential of way of "snail mail". They try this because of the fact they have varieties that the professor might desire to fill out assessing you as a student and canidate. reckoning on the college, they'll the two point out regardless of in case you will possibly desire to tell your professors to mail the recommendations separately, or on your packet, sealed envelope with their signature. Do supply your professors word on writing them, because of the fact many have plenty artwork to do and actually forget approximately and easily won't placed up them once you ask. make certain you touch the college a pair of week after to be sure your application is total, many Graduate Admissions places of work misplace issues with interior the inflow of mail and could no longer call or digital mail you in the adventure that your application is incomplete. i won't stress this adequate!! remember you like them extra then they want you. once you're making use of in 2010, then I propose you do no longer ask for the letters basically yet, as they are dated and Admissions officers/Assistants ought to look at this and question why the postpone in submission. desire this allows!! Take Care!!

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