Why does my 2 year old bite blankets and pillow cases?

Why does my 2 year old bite blankets and pillow cases? Topic: And case search
June 25, 2019 / By Ephah
Question: My son is 2. He likes to bite corners of blankets and pillow cases. Hes always done this. He'll do it when he's in bed kind of randomly or through out the night, and sometimes when he's upset. He doesn't go searching for a blanket or pillow case but if he is around one he will bite it. I am so curious to know why he does it. And if anyone else has a child that does that. He isn't teething.
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Cole Cole | 8 days ago
My daughter did this when she was young. She eventually outgrew the habit. I think it is just a habit. When they outgrow the naps and are only around their blanket at night, I think the habit just goes away. I think he will do the same thing since he is not seeking out the blanket now.
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Archibald Archibald
Time outs obviously have become ineffective or this wouldn't get to this point. A good sound spanking would work wonders. A good stinging, smarting rear end for awhile will be a good reminder that we don't deliberately do this kind of thing. It is deliberate when she decides to bite and then where to bite before doing it. It doesn't just "accidentally happen" to bite someone.
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Tricia Tricia
This is what is called an oral fixation by child developers. It is perfectly normal and quite common. Your son chews on blankets as a way to relax or calm himself down. It is his soothing mechanism. Some children suck their thumbs or drag around a blanket. He will stop when he is ready.
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Salli Salli
My little sister used to chew on her blanket for comfort. Now she chews on her pens and pencils but that is probably just a habit. I think that it is probably just a way that some kids find comfort - sort of like sucking on ones thumb.
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Nicole Nicole
anak perempuan saya telah melakukan perkara yang sama bila dia hendak minum susu @ semasa dia hendak tidur. setiap corner of her pillow case sudah nampak terkoyak dan saya terpaksa menggantikan pillow case yang baru. kekadang disebabkan pillow case yang berlubang itu, my baby mengalami batuk dan selsema myb termasuk kekabu yang berada dlm pillow case tersebut. myb this thing is habit n i also don`t know how 2 stop my baby doing this thing. i just let it be coz there`s nothing to do.
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