Is it to early to ask her for her number?

Is it to early to ask her for her number? Topic: Incase she comes
June 20, 2019 / By Mandy
Question: i have this good looking girl in my class and which i never talk to we both get called to see our assistant Principal together and she comes up and starts to talk to me by asking why im i getting called then she tells "you live on wilcrest" which is where i stay at she told me she saw me walking etc i dont even know her name yet but im going to should i get the number right away or should i wait and was she just being friendly or what?
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Kimmy Kimmy | 4 days ago
flirt with her a little and see how she responds. If she seems open and loose and responsive to your flirting, I'd say go for it. When you're talking to her, find something that she's interested in and talk about that. Ask her this right before you and her are about to part ways after a conversation-- "Hey I'd like to talk more about this. I gotta go here... do you have an email and facebook page? Maybe we could talk there [about that thing that interested her]." --WRITE THE EMAIL OR FACEBOOK USERNAME DOWN and when she gives you her email and facebook name, casually tell her to give you her phone number "incase you have trouble finding her facebook page/user name or have trouble emailing her". There you go, you just got in the back door without directly asking for the phone number. Victory! lol lol : p this is a technique that's worked for me a few times. good luck. try it!
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Janetta Janetta
Most likely, she was being friendly. But most girls won't start a conversation unless they think you are cute, or they are really nervous (both going down to the office) It isn't too early to ask for her phone number, but wait until you have a conversation next. Then, casually, as the conversation ends, ask her for her number so you can 'hang out' sometime. Don't go straight for a date. If you bring it up casually and you don't put pressure on the idea of you two having a good time together, she will probably give you her number and a smile. After she gives you her number, I would recommend texting her if you can and if not, waiting at least a week to invite her to hang out. If you do it earlier, you might give off creepy vibes. I've seen this happen with certain girls who are used to looking out for stalkers. In reality, they aren't stalkers, just crushing hard. I hope this helped, Jasmine
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Essa Essa
they could be single yet that doesnt inevitably mean they're attainable because of the fact that is extremely easy to have complicated relationships in college and at times some adult males decide on the X ingredient that attracts the females in, and that is rather the clarification why gamers accessible in the sector do rather nicely yet those respectable adult males won't likely make it... Harsh certainty, yet its real, and this no longer basically applies to adult males, yet to females besides.. all of us ought to discover the pulling ingredient that lands us the guy or woman and definite that is in basic terms too early so you might ask their variety considering you basically met them on the bus and the city, and having a communication with them doesnt inevitably land you into their courting checklist considering by utilising the time a woman is in college, they are going to be attentive to what they especially decide on in a guy. considering each woman has diverse criterias and likes or dislikes of their seek for a guy that suits them, that is terrific to attempt and get to be attentive to them first, possibly whilst pals.. as nicely it could look a probability which you asked for his or her variety in the incorrect way, so it regarded which you got here on too sturdy.
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Claramay Claramay
YES! how old are you? I am thinking that if you are over teh age of 11 she was been friednly. unless she is totally fridgid then she is into you but if she is good looking i am guessing she is popular which means she isn't fridgid so just dont! she will think you are some stalker or something! just be all relaxed and if you do have more convos then maybe!
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Basemath Basemath
Just being friendly...and maybe a lil interested...and dont just blurt out can i have your number...you gotta make some small talk have a couple conversations before you ask for her number...and if you get it she is interested in you then.
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