For playing pokemon games: Is GameBoyAdvance Emulator safe for my PC?

For playing pokemon games: Is GameBoyAdvance Emulator safe for my PC? Topic: What case should i get for my gaming pc
June 16, 2019 / By Gable
Question: I heard that to play pokemon games on pc you need Emulator. Which is the safe-virus free download for that, can you give me a link? Will it harm my computer in any way? After i get the emulator how to play pokemon games? Please help. Thanks in advance! Also could you please tell me graphics and game wise which is better? Thanks guys! can you please mention which pokemon game should i start with?
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Denis Denis | 4 days ago
New to Emulation? Well your joining a pretty large community... I'll give you a quick run through... get ready for some reading tho! The Emulator your looking for for Game Boy Advance is called VisualBoyAdvance... Link here http://vba.ngemu.com/ Unless you get them from a seriously unreliable source the emulators themselves are completely safe. All they do is imitate what a Console does... in this case... The Game Boy Advance. As for games... You will need a ROM file... A ROM file is basically a copy of the game in virtual form... Much like an ISO file is a virtual Copy of a Disk. Now do realize that downloading a ROM with copyright material (Like Pokemon) Is Technically pirating... But If your ok with that A good site to get ROM files would be Coolrom.com They have pretty much all the pokemon games and its fairly easy to navigate. It will not harm your computer in any way... however emulation is a bit intensive on computer resources. This particular emulator... not so much but if you wanna graduate to Wii emulators or Xbox360 stuff your gonna need a really good computer. Once you get a ROM... You'll need to open the rom... Make sure you know where VisualBoyAdvance.exe is in your computer... When it prompts you that it doesn't know what program opens it... Select Browse and find VisualBoyAdvance... make sure to check "Always use this program for this type of file" After that simply select the ROM file in your computer and it will automatically play in VisualBoyAdvance. The Emulator is also compatible with controllers such as the Xbox360 controller... you can change controls in the settings menu. Good luck and welcome to the Emulation community. ==Edit== The Graphics of the games get better as they progress... However VBA is a Game Boy Advance Emulator. So It will only go up to FireRed/Leaf Green and Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald. Beyond that You will need a DS emulator... DeSmuME is popular http://desmume.org/ No$Gba is also popular http://www.nogba.com/ Note that the pokemon games are separated into regions... Each region is a completely different game only with similar pokemon. The Regions I'm Familiar with are below and their games/system in Chronological Order Kanto - Fire Red / Leaf Green - Game Boy Advance Johto - Soul Silver / Heart Gold - NDS Hoenn - Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - GBA Shinno - Diamond/Pearl - NDS Unova - Black/White - NDS (Also note that there are always at least 2 games per region... This is because none of the pokemon games actually allow you to "Catch them all" without use of Trading with another version or using cheat codes)
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Bedivere Bedivere
To answer your question no it will not harm your computer in any way I have many emulators on my computer to play many different games such as playstation 1 and 2, Nintendo 64, GBA and many more and I can tell you from first hand they will not harm your computer. 1) I recommend you get the VisualBoyAdvance which can be found at this link.... http://vba.ngemu.com/ 2) Getting the roms to play with the roms are the games so here is some websites you can get all the games you want to play for free....... http://www.coolrom.com/roms/gba http://www.emuparadise.me/Nintendo_Gameboy_Advance_ROMs/31 3) After you get the roms you want and the emulator you start it up and open up one of the games and it should run now all I can say is HAVE FUN and ENJOY!!!
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Zoie Zoie
Yes we can play pokemon game boy games in pc i play these game's in pc by what i c its better than playing in gba:) u can play games in pc from color games like red to new pokemon black and white:) it doesnt harm the pc.. If u wanna play emerald,ruby,sapphire,fire red etc all this advance game's need a emulator named 'visual boy advance' this emulator can play even old pokemon red game's to pokemon emerald:) if u want to play new black and white download noszoomer its the best emulator since its better other emulator for black and white..
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Sherley Sherley
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