Will I be sentenced to Jail for driving with a suspended license?

Will I be sentenced to Jail for driving with a suspended license? Topic: Getting paid for writing online
June 19, 2019 / By Marisela
Question: I was recenlty summoned to court for Drivinf with a suspended license. I never changed the address on my license when I moved therefore never getting the notifications about any traffic violations or suspension. I am scared as I work two jobs I live on my own and support myself. I've had my license for 11 years and never even had a ticket on my record. Now I have about three, My license was suspended for not paying tickets from NYC for a improper turn signal and my headlight out. I remember this was from about a year ago and I tried paying online but It said I wasn't in the system, I called the NYC DMV and was told they couldn't find anything...turns out the officer wrote down the wrong birthday. The other is for driving w/ an expired regristration which i thought I had until the end of the month my sticker says MAY 2009, but it turns out the regristration expired on May 16, 2009. I am scared and would like some feed back PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Kristin Kristin | 9 days ago
Fine and suspension. That is the most you will get. Go to court, arrange to pay the fines. It is possible you could receive up to a 6 month suspension, but being you were suspended for not paying the fines, once paid the suspension may be lifted.
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Kristin Originally Answered: Should my license have been suspended with only 4 points?
Learn how to drive within the law. Your opinion of wether you are safe or not does not matter. The tickets and other incidents under the law show differently.

Jeanette Jeanette
Advise them that you were told there was no ticket due to a discrepancy. Get your registration paid for and bring that in, tell them you were unaware it was on the 16th and you have rectified the situation and are sorry. You had no reason to change your address with the court as they had already confirmed that you had no tickets so they had no reason to receive a change of address. Pay for your registration ticket, the others will go buh-bye
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Fanny Fanny
i know someone who just got an aggravated unliscenced operator for having no liscence and getting caught driving 3 times. Paid a fine and still has to pay the old fines if he can ever get his liscence back. No jail but you have to pay your old tickets and this new one to get your liscence cleared. You may need to return to NYC to clear those tickets.
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Coral Coral
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Coral Originally Answered: License suspended pulled over in a different state.?
You can be arrested for driving on an out of state suspended license. A reciprocity agreement exists between every state. Meaning you won't have to sit in jail but if you don't show up for court you will have a warrant issued for you and your license will be suspended in both states. Now as for not knowing - there is a precedent for this - case law says a driver not properly notified or one who should not know the license is suspended is not guilty of the offense. Off the top of my head I cannot remember that case law, but a first time offender who had no prior knowledge of the suspension is not guilty

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