Can someone help give me advice, tips, and maybe even help me come up with an amazing title for my story?

Can someone help give me advice, tips, and maybe even help me come up with an amazing title for my story? Topic: Famous authors writing advice
June 19, 2019 / By Natisha
Question: So I have this HUGE dream of me becoming a famous young adult dystopian/action author/writer!!! The reason I chose dytstopian/action is because of 1) I LOVE to read dystopian/fantasy/paranormal romance series and 2) Even though I'm a girl I LOVE to read books with action because that's what usually makes me beg for more!!! So I then thought of a really good story idea that I've thought of all by my self and I want someone to give me tips, advice, maybe correct some mistakes for me, recommend me something to help my story look even better, and also help me think of a good title for my story!!! Here's the description... _______________________________________... The year 2045 and the tiny village of Austin Texas has been left bombed and raided. The remains of the village are left devastated. Darcy Baird, a regular, wasn't supposed to survive the attack. Being a regular means that you are too 'normal,' 'average,' or 'plain' which is the kind that has been erased from existence. The anomalies are the people who are 'special' and have some kind of 'talent' or 'ability' that makes them stand out which is why they are the only species left. *The Leader* whom is the one who has caused the damage is on the hunt for 'regulars' who have survived such violence. His mission is to capture all the other regulars and kill them all before they repopulate. Christian Scott, his nephew is the next in line to take over America and maybe even the whole world. Knowing that taking over the world also means killing 'regulars' makes him sick especially since his Uncle doesn't know that he too is a regular. *Darcy Baird* A 'regular' and one of the last of her kind. She had been forced to watch her family get killed and her village bombed and raided and has been on the run ever since. Darcy has been trying to find others of her kind before she's captured and killed along with all the other 'regulars.' *Christian Scott* Just like Darcy he is one of the only 'regulars' left and has to be destroyed. He doesn't know it yet but there is another one of his kind that needs his help. Christian's Uncle is 'The Controller' and is next in line to kill and destroy all the other 'regulars' that are left. Problem is...his Uncle doesn't even know that he's one of them... _______________________________________... P.S Could you guys also tell me what you think of my story and if it's good or not? PLEASE I'M DESPERATE!!!! -Thank you...
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Best Answers: Can someone help give me advice, tips, and maybe even help me come up with an amazing title for my story?

Lorrie Lorrie | 9 days ago
Welcome to the "Teens who are DESPERATE to write " club. Your assignment is to write every day without posting snippets here for approval. Most people who post samples here want little more than praise and do actually get any pleasure from writing.
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Kathie Kathie
I didn't get past the first 2 sentences. Austen, Texas is the 11th-largest city in the United States, hardly a tiny village. Since you've already mentioned it being bombed and raided, there is no reason to point out that it is devastated.
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Henrietta Henrietta
1) Naming your book now is as practical as a nine-year-old naming her future children. Write the book first THEN worry about titles. 2) Your use of "whom" is incorrect. 3) Personally, I don't like the story idea. Trendy YA is all cookie-cutter. That doesn't mean that other kids won't like it. Write. And don't troll Y!A for praise or encouragement.
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Earleen Earleen
Reading this made me want read your book :D it sounds really interesting I just think it could use some more characters. I dont know if you do something wrong becuase I ahvent actually read any examples from your book and Im really sorry but I dont think I can tell you any title either becuase I havent read it. If you have it finished you could send me the book and I would tell you my full opinion then maybe? wtf why people dislike my opinion I can want to read whatever I want -.-
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