Groom doesn't seem to care about wedding?

Groom doesn't seem to care about wedding? Topic: The sisters brothers movie rights cost
June 19, 2019 / By Maryanne
Question: My fiance and I are to be married next spring. I was hoping to get a guest list together so I could start budgeting food costs, invitation costs, etc. I have asked my fiance to give me names of people he would like to invite to the wedding so I can get started on budgeting. He is completely uninterested. I have tried to get my family (who is paying for the wedding) and his sister (an attendant) to talk to him about why it is important to get a guest list together and to budget early, but he still doesn't seem to care. He is so uninterested in doing any wedding details that he still hasn't asked his brother to be his best man yet, and we've been engaged for five months! He keeps telling me we have "plenty of time." Sometimes I wonder why he proposed at all. Is this normal for grooms? Can I expect him to be this unenthusiatic for the entire wedding process? How do I deal with him not giving me a guest list? Thanks in advance. I sincerely doubt there is someone else. He isn't really that sort of person, and his mother used to cheat on his dad, and it's clear that it really shook him up. Honesty seems to be the most important thing to him in our relationship. He can be BRUTALLY honest sometimes.
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Lally Lally | 4 days ago
Don't worry, luv, your problem is far from abnormal. A man builds up all his adrenaline and energy to propose, and then once the wedding date is set, he can tend to lose momentum. I think it's a mixture of things that is causing your fiance's sudden wedding apathy. First of all, you say your wedding is next spring. Well, that is still a whole year off, and- not to generalize here, but- men tend to sort of procrastinate. They don't see the need to plan things out a whole year in advance, not even weddings. To him, the wedding is ages away, and he's having a hard time mustering up enthusiasm for planning any details for something so far off his current radar screen. He is right to tell you that you have "plenty of time," because you really do, but he also has to understand that you're very excited, as well as very organized. My advice to you would be to do the preliminary planning yourself, and then have him pitch in as the date draws closer. Sometime after New Year's 2010, he'll definitely start getting it in gear. I'm getting married in under 5 months, and my fiance still thinks we have all the time in the world!! You work on the rough draft guest list, the preliminary budget, the early planning details, etc. and bring him in for the finalization of everything. And don't worry if he hasn't asked his bro to be best man yet- it's his brother, what's he going to say, "No?" Secondly, marriage is a very big step for the two of you, but to a man it can sometimes signal the end of his single life, rather than a delightful new beginning. Sure, he loves you and wants to marry you, but he's also really scared of what the future holds. You may be too, but- once again, sorry to generalize- usually, women plan and dream of their wedding day for years before it actually happens, and to them a wedding is the happiest day of their lives. Men tend to have extremely adverse reactions to weddings, even if they truly are in love and really do want to marry. It's normal for a guy to get a little freaked out and turned off by the whole wedding planning process, especially if their fiancee talks about wedding, wedding, wedding all the time from the second they get engaged. I would suggest that you try to take breaks from the wedding talk and keep having conversations about other subjects (work, movies, etc.) It's so exciting, I know, to plan a wedding, but it will help you and your fiance out a lot more if you keep your pre-engagement interests and hobbies going still too. Maybe you and your fiance can pick a day of every week to be the designated "wedding talk" night, where you go over anything you want to discuss about the wedding. Not only will it keep your man from being overloaded, but it will also make it more of a fun, exciting treat for you too, and you won't get burned out by it all. Congrats!
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Jenny Jenny
My husband was the same way about our wedding except that we were engaged in May and married the same year in July. I simple told him that if he didn't help me with the guest list that there would be none of his friends and family there and when they asked why they weren't invited, I would send them his direction. He is pretty afraid of his aunts and doesn't want to upset his grandma so he jumped on it. That was pretty much the only thing (besides getting fitted for his tux) that he contributed to the wedding. I registered with girlfriends and had a way better time that I would have with him. Get a group of girls together and go shopping for everything with them, it's a great excuse for girl time! My father in law and his fiance are getting married this June and it is the same story. I don't think most grooms get very involved in the planning process. I think this is so we are prepared for parenthood. Men propose, we plan. Men have fun, we end up pregnant waking up with a crying infant every two hours. Don't be discouraged, he is a man honey, the sooner you understand what they really means, the less disappointed you will be in everything he doesn't do. lol
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Flicka Flicka
I don't think guys in general care a WHOLE LOT about wedding planning... but it would be nice that he takes more of an interest. Sit down with him and let him know it's really important. He may feel that you're going crazy with planning though. Have you done something lately that's fun for BOTH of you lately? And that doesn't involve talking about the wedding? Take a break and do something fun with him... in appreciation for you doing something he enjoys together, he may put in a little more effort. Good luck!
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Dahlia Dahlia
From what I hear, most grooms don't care what goes on... As long as you are there on the wedding day standing at the altar, that's all that matters to him. All the little details the groom can care less about. But, if you want his help with the guest list, demand it from him (which would be my last resort) or just go straight to his parents and collect names. If no one contributes, then do it your way and show him the guest list you made up. Give him a week to look over it, and add whoever it may be that he wants to invite, and if he doesn't, then that will be your guest list :) Good luck!!
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Bithia Bithia
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