I have a group interview at Victoria's Secret?

I have a group interview at Victoria's Secret? Topic: Problem solving process in communication
June 25, 2019 / By Orval
Question: I'm 18 and I just got called in for an interview. Its a group interview and I dont know what kind of group interview it is. The manager told me t wear business attire. How does this process work?? I'm sooo anxious and excited for it!
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Lenard Lenard | 8 days ago
Group interviews involve getting together with other job candidates to meet with one or more interviewers. Usually it involves a number of interviewers - potential managers or supervisors, human resources, even future co-workers and a group of candidates all together in one room. In its most basic form the group interview consists of a presentation to the candidates about the company and position. Generally there will be a question and answer session after the presentation. These simple interviews serve two purposes. Information is given to all the candidates in an economical and time-saving manner. It also gives the interviewers an opportunity to conduct an initial screening of the candidates as they observe the candidates' behavior and interaction with each other, their communication skills and the impression they make. Group interviews can be more involved than this. Candidates may be required to participate in work-simulation exercises. These can take the form of group problem-solving sessions where each candidate's contributions and participation is noted. Discussion groups take a similar form. Other exercises include splitting the candidates into teams and each team is given a work-related task to complete. Each team then presents their results to the whole group. During these team exercises the interviewers closely watch and listen to the candidates. They may also ask questions of individual candidates and take notes. The skills been observed include communication and interpersonal ability, persuasiveness and the ability to influence others, leadership and delegation, organizational and planning skills and the ability to work and contribute as a team-member. Other observable behaviors include the ability to handle stress, to deal with feedback and give feedback and to analyze and problem-solve. Levels of individual knowledge are also noted. Sometimes the situational exercise is not work related. Candidates are given a controversial hypothetical situation, such as deciding how to choose which people to save from a sinking boat. These type of exercises cause a lot of discussion and argument and interviewers will observe how people interact, influence and reach decisions. Tips for Group Interviews ■Before you begin the interview introduce yourself politely to the other candidates. You will be observed from the word go ■It is important to be seen as an active participant rather than merely an observer. Contribute your views and ideas while also listening to the other candidates ■Appear confident but avoid coming across as aggressive ■Avoid dominating the conversation and don't interrupt the other candidates ■Make sure that you take criticism and give feedback constructively ■Give praise when possible and acknowledge valuable contributions from other candidates ■Avoid obvious power conflicts as these will make you appear uncooperative and unprofessional ■Stay cool under stress ■Be aware of your body language. This is something that will be carefully observed. Make sure you are sending the right non-verbal message (i'd say esp for Victoria Secret) ■With many candidates all trying to contribute, someone may make your point first. If this happens, think of a statement that adds to this point. This demonstrates that you listen actively ■Prepare meaningful questions to ask. You will be asked at some point if you have any questions and you will stand out from the other candidates if you have a planned list of insightful questions ■Do background research on the company to help you plan your questions and interview answers ■Be aware of the interviewers throughout so you can catch any important cues ■Send a thank you letter to each interviewer as soon as possible afterwards Good luck - its a good company to work for still worried - check this website out http://www.glassdoor.com/Interview/Victo...
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Jai Jai
I used to work for Victoria's Secret and I had the same Interview. Basically you want to wear all black but make it unique and classy. You want to wear all black because that is what they wear for a uniform. At the interview you want to seem happy, friendly and very confident (not cocky). They will ask you questions about certain situations: What would you if there was a line of people and you noticed customers were getting anxious? But before that they will ask you basic questions: how do you excel in a group environment? So be ready for all those lame basic questions. To be honest, they already know who they are hiring and just use these group interviews to see if they made the right choice. If you are just a stock girl, do not worry to much, they do not care too much about your personality but if you wanted to be a sales associate or cashier, they want to see much of a smooth talker and how good you are at selling more than you should. I was a Sales Associate being trained for Cashier, they get on you about those 'Angels Credit Card' SELL SELL SELL!!! I couldn't take it anymore, I felt bad having to keep asking people about signing up for a credit card when they already said no but your manager will force you to ask the same people at least 2-3 times about the card. If you are a stock girl you do not have to go through that but the Cashier girls will treat you like you are a nerd. Like I said I was the new cashier girl and the other cashier girls were so nice to me and looked at me crazy when I was speaking to the stock girls. Anyways, it is very dramatic working there. I love Victoria's Secret so much and love to shop there but get ready for some tough obstacles. Just be friendly and in LOVE with everything Victoria's Secret, you should get the job. Sorry if I do not seem to enthusiastic, I just want to tell you all you should know to be prepared. Good Luck and enjoy your discounts :)
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Florry Florry
It's a simple interview,just as it would be one on one, except you'll have company! The interviewer will note your interactions with others your willingness to ask questions,friendliness ,approachability(smiles,helpfulness). Relax .
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Becoming a VS model is harder than winning the lottery, because you're born with it or you're not. And 99.9999% of the population is NOT born with it. Either way, if you still wanna do it, here are the requirements: To become a VS model you have to have had previous experience in the high fashion industry. VS models have walked in countless well known shows (Chanel,Prada,D&G etc) and have done many editorials and campaigns, then they get invited to walk in the annual Victoria's secret fashion show, but only if the casting director thinks they're worthy enough. If I were you I would start getting in shape and researching a lot about designers,models,photographers etc. and when you're at least 16 years old (or older) apply with a well known agency and see if they accept you! http://models.com/agencies/Modeling http://models.com/agencies/top/ Here are some good websites to help you! http://models.com http://nymag.com/fashion/models/ http://nymag.com/fashion/fashionshows/ http://www.style.com/ http://www.vogue.com/ Here are the preferable measurements and height: Even though everyone says 5'8" or taller, really 5'9"/5'10" is the most preferred height. Most agencies still think 5'8" is short and will only sign you under certain circumstances. Preferable Measurements: Bust: 31 - 34 inches Waist: 22 - 24 inches Hips: 31 - 35 inches

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