HELP! Flea problem that won't go away?

HELP! Flea problem that won't go away? Topic: Problem solving guess and check
June 19, 2019 / By Abbygael
Question: Around July 20, I woke up with an itch on my leg, thinking there was a spider in my bed. When I threw the covers off, a flea hopped up my torso and INTO MY MOUTH. I went downstairs and immediately checked my (indoor) maltese -- he had a flea on his stomach. I showed both to my mother, who said they looked like "young" fleas (not adult-sized) and we decided the best thing to do, as a first attempt at solving the problem, was get our dog "flea dipped" at the local pet store. (Vet wasn't open at that time of day.) About five days later, ANOTHER flea was found on my dog. We got Frontline and applied that, and then decided to flea bomb the house. We live in a four bedroom, two-story house, roughly 3500-square-feet. We set off four bombs that claimed to cover 2000-square-feet each. One in the dining room/open kitchen, one in the entry hall leading to the den and living room, and one upstairs in the hall leading to three of the four bedrooms and two baths. We also set off one in the attic, worried that mice or something were what brought the fleas into our house in the first place through the ventilation. We followed all the instructions, and thoroughly vacuumed all our furniture, washed all our drapes, and ran every piece of clothing we own threw the washer and dryer. We only recovered from this whole ordeal a few days ago. It was so labor-intensive, but we hoped it would ensure successful extermination of the fleas. Yesterday, we found another flea on my dog's stomach. This one was bigger than any I'd seen before. I was at wit's end. I re-applied the Frontline, and sealed up my dining room/kitchen and re-bombed the room. I guess I'm wondering if I should be doing anything else? I've heard about Borax, diotamaceous earth, and essential oils like lemongrass. Does anyone have a method of extermination they recommend? At this point, I've spent so much money, price is not an issue. I want this problem to GO AWAY.
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Stanley Stanley | 5 days ago
Fleas will lay their eggs in your carpet, it takes about 9 days for an egg to hatch and develop into a flea. Your Vet should have a can of flea spray that will kill not only the fleas but their eggs as well.
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Stanley Originally Answered: HELP! Flea problem that won't go away?
Fleas will lay their eggs in your carpet, it takes about 9 days for an egg to hatch and develop into a flea. Your Vet should have a can of flea spray that will kill not only the fleas but their eggs as well.

Oz Oz
i would bomb again but dont bother with the clean instructions afterward for a week or two. ..i didnt. i gave my two cats a flea bath, brought them to another place for the night, then applied advantage, whil;e they were away i bombed the house and also added extras for good measure. after the bombing was over i brought my cats back the next day. i never did any extra cleaning in the way you did. i did a basic housecleaning wiping down counters kitchen table etc....i did this like 10 years ago and havnt had a problem since. i dont know about frontline but advantage did the trick. another thing is my cats are infoors so they didnt go back outside either. medications wont keep a flea from hitching a ride while he is outside....it will just kill the flea after they bite. anyways...bomb the house again .also because my cats are indoor they never got a second dose of advantage...didnt need too.
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Lew Lew
you do no longer say what you're utilising for fleas yet whilst it somewhat is an oral one (different than Sentinel/software), you will be able to besides burn you cash. Likewise, a selection of of puppy save or food market producers are poisonous chemical substances that place self assurance in the puppy being bitten via fleas till now they die. no longer plenty help in the adventure that your dogs is allergic to flea bites! Use Frontline or benefit. Use it in accordance to the guidelines (month-to-month right here in Australia). Frontline is greater water-resistant so it somewhat is ultimate in case you're washing/swimming your dogs usually. do no longer persist with Frontline interior 2 days of a bathtub (ie. positioned on Frontline, wait 2 days to tub; tub dogs & wait 2 days to persist with Frontline). persist with the Frontline to the decrease back of the animal's neck. make sure you get the nicely suited sized %.. Do it each and each month, all twelve months around despite in case you do no longer see fleas. bear in suggestions that the fleas you spot are in simple terms 5% of the completed inhabitants (in case you spot 5 grownup fleas, you have ninety 5 eggs, larvae and pupae interior our surroundings!) they do no longer stay on the animals, they only feed on there. as a result, you will be able to desire to handle all your pets. in case you have cats, do them additionally despite in case you think of they have not got fleas - they could have. in case you do no longer handle all pets, the fleas use the untreated pets as feeding stations, hop off and breed then the offspring hop decrease back on your infested puppy/s. Treating with benefit or Frontline won't quit the fleas getting on the pets yet they'll die rapidly with out having to suck the pets' blood. lifeless fleas won't be able to breed so after approximately 3 months, the flea inhabitants would be very almost nil. interior the interim, a flea bomb could help the abode yet finally, treating month-to-month with Frontline or benefit - each and every of the pets - will do the trick.
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Jankin Jankin
Take them off with a flea comb daily and kill them in a bucket of dish soap water. Vacuum daily. DO NOT reapply flea medication to a dog that small. Too much of that stuff can kill your dog's nervous system and kill the dog. It takes time to get rid of fleas. You may also want to get the yard sprayed.
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log onto morgellons.org compare symptoms .. no treatment yet and most doctors will accuse you of hurting yourself and put u in a nut ward . You ll need to purchase a 30x handheld lighted microscope less than 30 bucks offline . when you get it look at any party of your skin and see if you can detect tiny threads under your skin . then take that with the Case definition from morgellons.org to an understanding doctor and see if he will keep you on 1000 mg of tetracycline a day ( Ive been on it for a year and a half. I take probiotics from a supplement supplier like Puritans pride off line ) you have to take then 2x a day 4 hours after each does of antibiotics take showers only NO bathes scrubbing with backing soda and natural peppermint liquid soap ..take No steroids or put anything with steroids on your skin .. take good multi vitamins and help us all with this support Morgellons.org cause they can not get grants from the government due to it not being accepted as a real illness , Good luck'

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