How to recover from blank monitor display?

How to recover from blank monitor display? Topic: Case safe start switch
June 19, 2019 / By Melanie
Question: I have NVIDIA GeForce FX5500 and downloaded the latest driver but when I restart windows XP, the monitor is blank but I can hear the windows sounds and I know its working but my monitor is blank. how could I restore my previous setting if my monitor is not displaying anything... PLEASEE helP! thx!
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Lea Lea | 4 days ago
Does your display work to start with when you turn your computer on (ie does it display the POST screen/Windows loading screen) and then go blank when the Windows login/desktop screen is displayed? If so it is likely that either the refresh or resolution rate has been pushed in excess of your monitor's capability. In which case you need to go into safe mode (pressing the F8 key several times when your first switch your computer on will bring up the loading menu where you can select Safe Mode) and change your display settings from there. If the monitor does not display at all during the loading sequence you may want to try it on another computer/try another monitor to see whether the problem lies with the monitor or the computer. Sometimes a problem can occur and appear to be linked to something else that has happened when it is simply co-incidence.
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Jody Jody
simle: start u machie in safe mode ( keep hitting F8 while starting the machine) chose safe mode remove the latest installed driver restart again try loading the driver
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