Recycling Containers

So you want to recycle but you don’t know how to store the items in your flat ?

We’ve researched some recycling containers for you, from the free to the swank.


Take 3 carboard boxes, insert heavy duty bags and duct tape them to the top rims, then tape the boxes together with tape. Weigh the bases with old catalogues or telephone directories. Place 3 more heavy duty bags (need to be quite stiff to stay up and not sag) into the lined boxes. When you have enough recycling, simply lift out the individual bags and take them down to the bins.
Use a smaller box for papers and magazines.

Blue Ikea bags are great for carrying down glass bottles, or if you’re a more moderate drinker, Sainsbury’s or Marks and Spencer’s reusable bags !

Buy Containers Online – Prices to suit various pockets :

(Be aware that there may be a delivery charge and VAT on top of prices quoted.)

From 3 stacked bins for £24.95 (inc VAT) to 60 litre brushed steel bins for £89.95 (inc VAT).

From Curver Recycling Sack Set, 3 sections for £5.95 to 3 stacking Urba 40 ltr boxes for £75.

From the Car boot tidy bag, 3 sections (could be used as a recycling bin at home) £12.90, to 45 ltr plastic recycling tubs for £26.50.
The Recycle Works

From 3 Nylon coated recycling bags for £9.95 to 24 ltr Steel triple recycling bin, £49.95.
The Cotswold Company

From the Kerbside box and lid – 40 ltr (can be used indoors, of course) for £8.50 to a 23 ltr Recycling Caddy for £10.00.

Recycle Bins by Seletti Set Of 3 – magnetic strip to keep bins closed and a rope handle – £40.00

Jute paper recycling bag – £11.00

DIMPA transparent bin with lid (Small capacity) – £3.99

SKUBB Laundry bag with stand. 100% Polyester. Can be easily used as a recycling sorter. Contains two compartments, but you can put 2 side by side for 4 if you have room. Wipe clean. £9.99

Hanging storage with 1 compartment
assorted colours. For flats with little floor space. Small capacity – 70cm x 35cm. £4.59

IKEA blue bags – 25p

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