GOW Tenement and Washhouse History

“Many generations of people have lived and worked in the Victorian tenement city of Glasgow. The white and red sandstone in the hands of an imaginative architect means Glasgow is peppered with architectural specialities and indeed the backdrop of ordinary tenements is still imposing and special to this day.

Most of Glasgow’s tenements were built in the second half of the 19th century, and the tenements that form the Gibson Street, Otago Street and Westbank Quadrant (GOW) triangle are no exception. They are still as majestic as when they were first built over one hundred and thirty years ago, with their unique site near the river Kelvin and the park.”

Extract – read the full text in our pdf download :

Download the GOW tenement and washhouse history document published in 2005.  It runs to 24 pages, so too lengthy to reproduce in full on the website.

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