They are beautiful creatures. I must admit that it’s a joy to see up close the company of foxes who have taken a great shine to GOW, especially the cub that peered through our railings tonight. Unfortunately, the scamps have appalling table manners ! They’re persistent seekers and very messy eaters of food scraps.

It has been unavoidable at times recently not to leave bags on the ground at the bins, but if you know there’s something tasty to the foxes in your bag, double bag it. Please try to break up cardboard and press down bags to make space for others. Once an area has been established as a source of food, the intelligent gourmet’s pass on the knowledge to their family.

If you do see the foxes, shoo them – clap your hands – we need to give them a polite fright to hunt elsewhere. (Before they get so used to us that they sneer, before mugging the Iceland delivery man. Although the reports in Hyndland, AKA, fox central, is of more prevalent attacks on Sainsbury vans.)

While we’re on the gossip, the scandal of the backcourt has been the phantom-jobbier who’s been using the spot outside No.7’s back door as a toilet ! According to our resident jobbie expert, the likeliest culprit is a fox.

Added to this fox induced chaos, those of us who have cats, (whilst knowing that very few cats are attacked by foxes,) are unnerved by their presence. Our semi-outdoor cat was chased through the quad railings by a young fox at dusk a month ago. Now the look on the cat’s face with ears pinned back, eyes bulging and legs at all angles cracks me up…but I was a bit stunned at the time ! The fox was likely just responding to a perceived rival for food.

There are two other ‘rivals’ from the GOW gang: Miss Kitty the magnificent and well loved feral backcourt cat :

and Thomas, or Tom the cat/slug hybrid who chooses when he’d like to crash at our flat :
These two kitty characters can spend nights outdoors and are both getting on a bit in age, so they’re a bit more vulnerable to stress and a chase from a fox. Even if you hate cats, think of your neighbours at No.7 doing what is now known in that corner, as the ‘dunnie hopscotch’ to avoid the fox droppings. It’s seriously embarrassing when the tenants at No.21 Gibson St gaze oot the windaes while doing the dishes.

‘moan the human/cat coalition !

*Miss Kitty was unavailable for photos, this is her body double.

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  • Ross Collins said:

    I just saw our black cat chase a fox out of Westbank Quadrant. Who’d ever heard of guard cats, eh?

  • GOW Community (Author) said:

    Another fox in our front garden half an hour ago. Send all the cats !

  • E&D said:

    I’m wearing cat ears as I type this. not kidding.

  • GOW Community (Author) said:

    E&D – please do some nightly rounds with your cat ears on – the bin bags were all over the place on Sunday !


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