Four Streets in Glasgow

GOW are taking part in the “Four Streets in Glasgow” project. It would be nice if some residents could attend the meeting next Wednesday, 6th February at 7pm in St Silas Church Hall.

Here is the information about this project:

A group of students are being sent into a community which they are going to observe and represent in a variety of ways. Once the process is complete they will present their findings and observations back to local people and have a dialogue about how they see the community. It is hoped that this dialogue between artists and local people will produce interesting insights for all concerned and could lead to further action. It is an innovative and untested project so the outcomes are unknown.

The process has three stages

  1. Observation and contact on the street and its surrounds
  2. Reflection, creative production of artwork which is a result of first stage.
  3. Presentation of findings and observations to local community (on 6th February at 7.00 pm in St Silas Church Hall, Park Road)

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