IMPORTANT: Hillhead Parking Update

Could everybody who objected to the proposed removal from Hillhead of “resident permit holders only” parking bays and the re-instatement of the one-way system on Otago St (with nose-to-pavement parking), please send an e-mail to with a response to the survey given below.

The Hillhead Community Council wishes to make an official complaint to the city council over LES’s process of pushing the proposal through without the scrutiny of the elected members of the council under delegated powers reserved for “non-controversial” proposals, despite initially receiving 265 objections. LES’s statement is also given at the bottom of this post, where they state the changes to the parking bays will be implemented from 26th August.

LES say that they had a very low number of confirmed objections, which in the view of one of our councillors enabled them to submit the report requesting that the scheme be approved.

We think there may have been more confirmed objections than they reported.

As we intend to make an official complaint to the council it would greatly help if you could please tell us a.s.a.p.:-

1. Did you object?
2. Did you confirm your objection?
3. If not, were you away?
4. If not, did you know that you needed to confirm your objection?

We also wish to know:

5. If you needed a parking space for a disabled person, did LES say they would put one outside your house? (Please tell us where you live so that we can check if it is to be done).

6. Were you aware that Dowanhill, Hyndland and Partick residents will be allowed to park in Hillhead with their parking permits if parking schemes go ahead in their area?

7. If you are a doctor on call, have you been given any designated parking space?

AND (very important)

8. Were your objections answered?
9 Was the reply from LES satisfactory/acceptable? Please be specific about unacceptable replies if you can.
10. When was your reply sent? (was it before 14th July)?
11. Did you receive a separate email/letter advising you that the scheme had been approved and would be advertised on 14th July?
12. What reason were you given for the parking scheme? Were you told anything different if you managed to attend the exhibition in Hillhead Library?

Thank you for your help with this. Your replies will assist us both in making a formal complaint to the Council and also in obtaining advice on other options which may be open to us for taking this further.

Jean Charsley
Hillhead Community Council

The original statement by LES:

The Council have decided under delegated powers to proceed with the advertised proposal to amend the Hillhead scheme.

The Order was confirmed on 9 July 2014 and an advert was placed in the Evening Times on 14 July 2014 stating that the Traffic Regulation Order has been made. This advert advises that any person who wishes to question the validity of the Order or of any provision contained in it on the grounds that it is not within the powers conferred by the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, or on the grounds that any requirement of the Act, or of any instrument made under it, has not been complied with in relation to the Order may, within six weeks from 9 July 2014, apply to the Court of Session for this purpose.

I realise that this may not be the outcome you wished for.

The website will be updated shortly with this decision.

To summarise, the main changes are:-

* All the parking spaces will be shared use, permit holders can park in any available parking space
* The parking charges will apply Monday to Sunday 8am to 10pm
* Resident parking permits £50 per annum or £15 quarterly
* Business parking permits £700 per annum
* Visitor vouchers £2 per set 6 hour time period
* Pay and display 20p for first 30mins then 20p for every 10mins
* Pay and display maximum stay 3 hours
* Two way cycling in one way roads
* Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ)

A RPZ is less environmentally intrusive than a traditional parking control scheme as no yellow lines are required. Only the white bays are marked. Parking outwith these bays is not permitted at any time.

Works will not commence until 26 August 2014 or later. The implementation date is currently programmed for 12 September 2014.

There will be temporary signage put up in the local area advising when the changes will come into force.

We will also be removing or replacing existing signage in the area and refurbishing the lining as required.

If responding please do so directly to

Jamie Rodden
Group Manager – Traffic and Road Safety
Land and Environmental Services


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  • Colin said:

    What’s the latest on this? I live on corner of Gibson and Bank Sts but usually park my van on Otago St. I’ve recently noticed that the Residents Only sign has been replaced with a ‘Pay and Display’ bays one that looks fake and the road marking that say Residents Only have been worn away. These bays now seem permanently occupied by people connected with the Primary School. Seem like a stealth change has occurred!

    Be grateful for any info, thanks!

  • GOW Community (Author) said:

    Apologies for the delay Colin! Yes, the status of the parking changes is that although the changes were planned to be implemented last September they have not yet been implemented pending the outcome of legal action by the Community Council. Thus, we remain in a situation where the council won’t maintain the road markings and so the traffic wardens can’t issue parking fines, and hence we’ve ended up with a de facto “stealth change” situation whereby the wardens are only issuing fines to residents who fail to renew their permits in time (probably due to the council deeming it to be “too expensive” to post reminders and renewal forms to residents).


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