Flue Away

The new owners of the restaurant at 23 Gibson Street, La Favorita, are not only seeking planning permission to install a new discrete flue, but also intend to finally rid us of the hotchpotch of ugly flues that were installed by the previous owners without planning permission.

This great news means that hopefully we won’t end up in the situation we were in last winter with a broken flue dangling precariously above the backcourt and nobody taking any responsibility to remove it! Thankfully Councillor Ken Andrew came to our rescue that time and badgered Building Control to remove the broken piece, which was finally done more than a month after a large section of the backcourt had to be fenced off following the storm that broke the flue. Here’s the photo story of the successful and considerate cherry picker operation to remove the broken flue piece, back in February 2014.

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