June 19, 2019 / By Michaela
Question: Ok so my friend has a free coupon for a small burger at mcdonalds that he got in the summer it expires on the 30 of december he went and asked for the burger like a week ago and they didnt accept it. If it expires at the 30 of december so is this a perfect case to sue andif it is my friend wouldnt wanna go thrue all the hassle anyone who noes how to handle this kind of stuff wanna handle it interested in buying it off
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Letty Letty | 8 days ago
No, but it is a good case to write customer service with your experience. They'll probably send you a gift card for your trouble. The cost of hiring a lawyer, court costs, filing fees are much greater than the damages you would receive. If during were to be successful, you would only get less than $50 anyway, so it wouldn't be worth the trouble.
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Letty Originally Answered: Perfect Bankruptcy Fraud Case?
Obviously if the "perfect" fraud is the undiscovered one, then nobody would know about it except the person who committed the fraud. Making small purchases before filing bankruptcy is not, in itself, fraud. Bankruptcy fraud is defined in the bankruptcy code. It has a particular meaning in bankruptcy law. Hiding assets, lying on the bankruptcy schedules (or under oath at the 341 Meeting), or incurring debts knowing that you intend to discharge them in bankruptcy are examples of bankruptcy fraud. This seems like a rather bizarre assignment. I'm glad you are not one of my kids. I certainly would not appreciate having them be taught to design "perfect frauds" as a school (or even college) assignment.

Juanita Juanita
No. It's not a good reason, and since I am a McDonald's employee, I'll tell you why. Each Mcdonald's is different. If you were to present the coupon at the McDonald's I work at, the owners believe that any coupon or promotional should never expire. We accept them from all over, from Canada, to the UK any coupon, as long as it's on our menu board and is in legible English, is accepted. But you try to do it anywhere else in Montana, (except Glascow since the same people own both stores) they won't accept it. Also read the fine print at the bottom of the coupon, it will most likely say where and when it doesn't work. Now if there is any issues you can call the "How are we doing?" number and a representative will be more than happy to send you a $5 gift card in the mail for the inconvenience. Also, if you really want that cheeseburger, ask to speak to a manager, they would be more than willing to sort that issue out for you. I don't think you want to spend thousands of dollars only to have your case thrown out over a 2-3 dollar cheeseburger. That to me right there is...well desperate.
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Gilda Gilda
no that sounds like a waste of time to sue them over a $3 burger. most coupons even say "at participating locations". it's stupid that they didn't accept it but not worth the hassle of a lawsuit. an example of a good case against mcdonalds would be someone getting seriously ill from the poor food safety conditions or if a customer got injured there like say an employee was carrying a bucket of hot grease through an area with customers in it and ended up spilling it on someone. they shouldn't be doing it in the first place so if anyone got hurt that would be a good case against them. the best thing you could do if you want to take any sort of action over it would be to call the manager and complain about it.
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Deni Deni
First of all, read the fine print. I can almost guarantee you that they have an "out" in there. But, even if they don't what are you going to sue FOR?? You have to sue for "damages". And, the only damages you have is the loss of a small burger. So, yes. You could sue for 99 cents, or whatever that burger costs.
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Caleigh Caleigh
You want to sue for a hamburger? Go right ahead - most lawyers want a $2000 retainer. Probably expired last December anyway.
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Alycia Alycia
Ok you can sue them, your chances of winning are the chances of me winning the lottery tomorrow without buying a ticket... but even if you were to win what would that prove? Whether or not they are hand picking their grapes or not is it really hurting you or any one else?
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Verne Verne
by all means hire a lawyer and sue them. It should be worth a couple of $ at least. Of course, if you lose you will have to pay the court costs or they could countersue for harassment
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