Pleasee help me what do i say about thiiis?

Pleasee help me what do i say about thiiis? Topic: What are my hobbies essay
July 17, 2019 / By Percival
Question: i want to go to fashion institute for fashion stylist which i love and i have to write an essay where they ask me 1.What are your expectations, goals, hobbies, and special interests?? how can i start it off soundinng professional pleaseee help me give me ideas and sammplesss!! pleaaseeeee .........................points for who answer :)
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Lowell Lowell | 5 days ago
4/5 x 10 = 8 3/4 divided via 6/8 = 2 techniques: #a million understand 6/8=3/4 and that something divided via itself =a million or #2: 3/4 x 8/6 = 24/24 = a million cut back 3/9 to lowest words.= a million/3 4/9 x 6/8 = 4/9 x 3/4 = a million/9 x 3/a million = a million/9 x 3 = 3/9 = a million/3 a million/4 divided via 2 = .a hundred twenty five (a million/8 or one 8th) 2/3 x 2/3 = 4/9 9 divided via a million/4 = 36 2 x 2/7 = 4/7 27 divided via 4 a million/2 = 6 a million/3divided via a million/2 = 2/3
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Lowell Originally Answered: Pleasee help me??
I would think about going very slowly with this and have very low expectations. Your Mom disappeared out of your life for 7 years with no explaination and no contact so she owes you some answers. You don't say if you have had any relationship with her parents all this time and maybe they can give you some facts about what happened and why she left. I am sure you have heard some stories about it so you must remember that every one in the family will have their own take on this. I guess I would write down some questions and send her a letter before you actually see her again. It is up to you if you want to meet her privately or with your dad or grandparents there. I don't get that she is threatening to "take it to ccourt". If she left, abandoned her family, and made no attempt to set up visitation or partial custody the court is not going to look at her favorably now plus what is with making threats in the same breath that she's saying she wants to make up for lost time. Go slow and be true to yourself, if you can make a new start with her that would be wonderful but take your time.
Lowell Originally Answered: Pleasee help me??
Act your self if you have to you can brag a little and I'm in the same situation I hvent Sean my mom for 7 8years and if I saw her I would make her prod of me witch is what you souls do
Lowell Originally Answered: Pleasee help me??
well....after all she is your mother ..and we all make mistakes...so...for now ..I would give her the benefit of the doubt ..and would wait to hear an explanation from her ..on why she just left and disappeared from your lives...and well..as I see it ...unless she has got a valid reason / excuse ...at that point depending on what she says...if explanation not good or not convincing...I would not want her in my life ...and would just move on since that is how you have been doing without her anyway since she left you.
Lowell Originally Answered: Pleasee help me??
just let her know how you feel and ask her why she did what she did.You dont have to be alright with what she tells you but atleast you got her point of view{be it right or wrong}, she isnt back for money is she? that would be just so wrong, and she would have to prove herself to ya first and not get a benefit of the doubt.. best of luck, and congrats

Lowell Originally Answered: Help pleasee!.
Once i realize the goal i want to pursue, i am going to work as hard as i can to achieve that goal
Lowell Originally Answered: Help pleasee!.
Once I realized what (or the) goal I wanted to pursue, I decided to work as hard as possible to achieve it.

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