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June 19, 2019 / By Epiphany
Question: i have a question: what would you say to this question? ]i believe spending time with students from a different school and with different experineces would benfit me beause? olz give idesas like an essay sort of thing i really need help!
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Cindy Cindy | 6 days ago
for me thats really easy I believe spending time with students from a different school and with different experineces would benfit me. This is because all students and schools are different. Being at a different school would help to understand different lifestyles and people. People who may be popular at one school may not be popular at another and this would enable me to see the changes. keep going along with stuff like that
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Cindy Originally Answered: PEOPLE WRITING STORIES! Do you organize your writing?
When I first start a storyline, it usually happens because there is a moment that hits me where I MUST write. All the planning was done in my head months before. Now, after the first few chapters and actually getting a feel for my story, I can start to take notes. I did character outlines for my sub characters. I began to write down on note cards what needed to happen next plot wise. Basically, I now just write down the highlights of what I'd like a chapter to have in it. A line I want to get into the story, but can be altered. Actions that need happen to keep the plot going. I then have my plot notes on the side. This lets me know what's going on way into the future. I actually don't know how my story will end. I only know so many chapters ahead of where I am now. I figure the actions of my characters are going to loop and jump and skip and everything else they could possibly do to my outline. I mean, they've done it many times already. It's just to be expected nowadays. I have several notebooks. While I'd like to say I have one for characters, one for plot, one for chapters, and one for everything else..quotes, I really can't say that. My notebooks are all mixed up. When I get an idea, I grab paper and I write. I don't care what notebook I should be writing in (because then I'd have to find it =/ ) Does this help at all?
Cindy Originally Answered: PEOPLE WRITING STORIES! Do you organize your writing?
While an outline tends to make my writing more organized, thus leaving me less scatter-brained, I don't use them. What I find is that I absolutely love free writing, being able to sit down and write an entire story, start to finish. I feel like an outline takes away from the creativity that writing instills in me. In addition to this, I think outlines, and having a basic idea of what's going happen, tends to rush writing along (for me anyway) because there's a rush to get the the climax or point of a chapter/story. I tend to not even move things around once I've written them. I find that reordering chapters or starting in the middle of stories just makes things horribly confusing for me, and flows less because it wasn't formatted in the same way as it was originally intended. Obviously, this is just personal preference. When I'm writing essays, I most definitely do an outline because it improves clarity and means less work for me when I'm doing the actual boring task of writing an essay :) But for stories, I think about the storyline only in my head, and go from there. It's what's easiest for me, and what makes me comfortable! If you're having trouble writing a story without writing down the main idea first, then take whatever methods you need to get your writing the way you want it. However, it's not always necessary. Like I said--whatever you're comfortable with!
Cindy Originally Answered: PEOPLE WRITING STORIES! Do you organize your writing?
i just kinda let the story take me where it will. for my book i just started with an idea i had that is now actually in the middle and set the whole plot around that one event. the story took off from there and now i have a general idea of what to write next, but its never set in stone, for all i know someone might die in the next two pages and i dont know it yet!

Babs Babs
it would open your mind to different experiences; it would help you understand better people with different backgrounds; it would give you the opportunity to discuss issues with people with different views
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Babs Originally Answered: Which one's more primal an art between novel-writing (detailed prose) & story-writing (brief fictional prose)?
The story book. From that--launched millions of novels. In a sense, short stories ARE condensed novels--each with its own beginning, middle, and end. But not a lot of information; kinda like a teaser trailer. If you can take a short story and turn what you've written into a novel, then you're actually adding MORE to what's been already told. But some people don't have that capability quite yet. It takes years to develope your craft and your skills. Nothing happens overnight. Extensive novels (like my 312,000 word STARCHILD novel) are a work of art in itself and wholly literary. While it is true that I could've told the whole thing from start to finish (which I did--using 100K), I found that exploring the world I created would essentially afford me the mantle of a master storyteller--and thus I had every right to enrich the whole experience by giving the finished piece more flavor and body. (Kinda like this post for instance.) Authors like me don't bother with making "shorties" (short stories or novels), when we want to write our hearts out and go for broke. But the process takes at least a decade to finally get the finished product up and running. (A lot of bugs to work out in the final draft.) So in all finality, lengthy novels are simply an "extension" of whatever story it was born from, while adding more and more complex layers on top of it. (Instead of 4 subplots and 2 possible endings in a story, you have at least 40 subplots and just at LEAST 5 different ways you could end the book.) The art of literary writing in itself died out--to some degree--in 2001; when literary prose-based works were popular. But some of us--including myself--still keep it alive by weaving complex and interactive character conflicts into whatever story plot we've just dreamed up. It irritates the big guns in the publishing industry when they come across a book which doesn't fit their definition of "fast-food"-style reading. However, if you're worried, don't be. This is cyclic. In about 10 or 15 years, we'll be back to writing literary works. So just keep plugging away at what you're doing.
Babs Originally Answered: Which one's more primal an art between novel-writing (detailed prose) & story-writing (brief fictional prose)?
Generally a story starts off with a one off idea or concept around which a cast of characters, the environment, the reactions are built. The end result could be a condensed or short story which could then be expanded to a big novel. A novel is generally many stories happening to the same set of people. I think initially when writing started, humans must have been quite new at this form of communication, so may be they started small and then slowly as confidence grew, build great stories such as Iliad or the Indian Ramayana or the Purana's-the Indian holy texts are a compilation of smaller stories, with the epic Ramayana being a part of the Mahabharata, which is the main theme of the Bhagwat Purana. Same is the case with the Bible, the Buddhist Jataka Tales. It could work both ways now, what with publications such as Readers Digest bringing in condensed versions of novels. st

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