If a DNA strand is reading TGA-A-CTT-CAT then what four amino acids will be linked together?

If a DNA strand is reading TGA-A-CTT-CAT then what four amino acids will be linked together? Topic: What is a problem solving group
June 26, 2019 / By Nana
Question: ________,___________,___________, and ___________. Can you fill in the blanks AND give a definition of what amino acids are and what they mean by this? I don't understand at ALL!!!
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Loretta Loretta | 9 days ago
An amino acid is a molecule made out of an amine group, a hydrogen, a carboxylic group, and an R group. This R group gives the a.a. the characteristics of the amino acid. Amino acids can differ in charge, acidity, etc. There are 20 amino acids, and they're extremely important because they make up proteins; which are essential for the survival of every organism. The DNA has the sequence codes for this amino acids. I don't know if you've learned about it, but a protein is made by making reading the DNA, making a mRNA and the translation of RNA. Now, for you to solve that problem, you have to change the T for U because it's an RNA. This is assuming that they gave you the coding strand; which I believe is the case because other wise they would have had to specify otherwise. So now, the RNA code: UGA AAA CUU CAU this codes for a stop, lysine, leucine, and histidine. Here is the dictionary: http://herbmitchell.info/Fig.10-8A-Dicti... The weird thing about this is that these sequences should never start with a stop codon because they wouldnt get translated. So, if you can double check with your teacher if the sequence given is in the 5->3' direction. Hope this helps
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Loretta Originally Answered: Whats the best source of amino acids?
Amino acids are the basic structural building units of proteins. They form short polymer chains called peptides or polypeptides which in turn form structures called proteins. The process of such formation from an mRNA template is known as translation, which is part of protein synthesis. Twenty amino acids are needed to build the various proteins used in the growth, repair, and maintenance of body tissues. Eleven of these amino acids can be made by the body itself, while the other nine (called essential amino acids) must come from the diet. Foods of animal origin, such as meat and poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products, are the richest dietary sources of the essential amino acids. Plant sources of protein are often deficient in one or more essential amino acids. However, these deficiencies can be overcome by consuming a wide variety of plant foods. For example, grains are low in lysine, whereas beans provide an excess of lysine. It was previously believed that, in order for vegetarians to obtain adequate amounts of protein, all of the essential amino acids had to be “balanced” at each meal. For example, a grain and a bean had to be consumed at the same meal. However, more recent research has indicated that, while consuming a proper mix of amino acids is important, it is not necessary to consume them all at the same meal
Loretta Originally Answered: Whats the best source of amino acids?
The building blocks for protein ARE amino acids. Eat protein and you get amino acids. Simple as that. :)
Loretta Originally Answered: Whats the best source of amino acids?
milk, meat, cheese, and eggs have all amino acids...check out http://www.nutristrategy.com/nutrition/protein.htm

Katelyn Katelyn
Well, in order to do this, first you need to translate the DNA into mRNA.Then you need a chart to translate the codons.Take a look at this one here: http://www.tritechresearch.com/shop//ima... TGA-AAA-CTT-CAT (DNA) UGA-AAA-CUU-CAU (mRNA) STOP-Lys-Leu-His (amino acid sequence) Lys = Lysine Leu = Leucine His = Histidine Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. So all these amino acids bonded together create a protein. If you want a more specific definition, check the link in the sources. But as long as you know that they build proteins and they have amine groups (meaning they contain nitrogen), that should be sufficient for your homework/exam. The odd thing about this is that there is a stop codon at the beginning... And if you read it backwards, there is no start codon, either. Perhaps it's not being read in the proper direction? And they omitted a start codon? You might wanna check that with your teacher. It might be a trick question just to see if you really know what you're doing. But it's odd nonetheless.
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Katelyn Originally Answered: Biochemistry-amino acid help?
The following statements are true: 3) The R group of lysine is not chiral; therefore, the only stereocenter arises from the main amidoacid chain. 4) Ser has an alcohol group and tyrosine has a phenol group. Both groups can hydrogen bond and their dipole moment is not cancelled out; therefore they are polar. 5) It's possible; take a look at: http://www.uic.edu/classes/phar/phar332/Clinical_Cases/aa%20metab%20cases/PKU%20Cases/main_route.htm 6) Leucine has a nonpolar side-chain; therefore it can't hydrogen bond The following are not true because: 1) glycine is not chiral 2) proline is neutral at pH 7.4: +H2NCHRCO2- this is a neutral zwitterion ion. 7) This one is trick question because methionine is thiol ether (R-S-R) but not a thiol (R-SH) where R stands for an alkyl; therefore it is false.
Katelyn Originally Answered: Biochemistry-amino acid help?
Which of the following about amino acids are true? 1. proline has an overall charge at physiological pH (7.4) 2. Asn and Gin are polar amino acids 3. Phe can undergo oxidization to from Tyr 4. The form of glycine used by the human body is D-glycine 5. isoleucine has more than one stereo center (chiral center) 6. the Ala side chain does not form hydrogen bonds with other amino acids 7. methlonine is a thiol

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