Is it require for deaf children wear cochlear implant?

Is it require for deaf children wear cochlear implant? Topic: Newspaper cultural change articles
July 19, 2019 / By Gennie
Question: NO.. I met deaf people who had cochlear implant, none of em are successful. maybe 2 people successful. Doctor wouldn't admit because they want money. Just encourage hearing people who had deaf child.. Please get aid hearing because It's much safe and help little children to changes balance if its blur.. it had changes sound tech inside aid hearing to help em to understand sound etc til they are older enough. your child will tell u how much can they hear.. is it just blur sound or can they really hear. you don't really know yet.. why not aid hearing and teach em ASL Sign Language? :) The Sound and the Fury is really horrible.. I disagree with the hearing parents. I am deaf and my daughter is hearing.. I wouldn't make her to be a deaf person just because I am deaf.. Selfish.. If i am having another one and if its a deaf child.. I would try aid hearing & if she/he doesn't want to then don't bother.. leave it alone :)
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Delight Delight | 4 days ago
A number of culturally Deaf people I know really disagree with cochlear implants. According to them (and Deaf culture in general), surgically implanting Deaf children is equivalent to cultural genocide. I've only met one culturally Deaf woman who holds a different opinion - when I asked about one day, she said, "If it's what [the kids] want." The kids in question were from a newspaper article, and were both around 10 years old - although they were raised orally, could read lips, and never met another Deaf person. Obviously the kids' opinions are a bit skewed if they've not met other Deaf people! I think the kids should be aware of what's happening, and it's *THEIR* body, so *THEY* should say, and not forced to live with their parents' decisions! Until they are old enough to make a decision, send the kid to a school for the Deaf (or a mainstream program where they have access to ASL). If a child is discovered to be Deaf, the parents should definitely investigate ALL their options - Deaf school, mainstream ASL programs, and so on. Or... how about a simple question. "How about parents let Deaf kids be Deaf?"
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Bryanne Bryanne
People who don't understand the culture aspect of being deaf may not see why someone would not want themselves or their children to get a cochlear implant. My ASL professor told us about when his first daughter was born. He and his wife are deaf, and after his daughter was born, the nurse came in with a post-it (the interpreter was out of the room) and it said "im sorry, but your daughter failed her hearing tests, she is most likely deaf" and looked very sad. The moment he and his wife read it, they got very excited. The nurse was confused and when the interpreter came back into the room, she explained that they both come from deaf families and to have children that they could share their culture with was something they enjoyed. I think it's different for hearing parents though with a deaf child. Also not all deaf people want their children deaf as well, that was just the case with my professor. Hopefully, the doctors are honest and will tell the parents what the medical advantages and disadvantages are and leave their own biased (or financial feelings) out of it.
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Alleen Alleen
No, it shouldn't be required, and i can't see how there could ever be any ruling that would make it so. However, if the child gets the implant early enough, from what I understand, they are very successful. I really doubt that doctors put them in for pure profit. The problem, if there is one, is that when young children get them, and they are successful, those kids tend to assimilate better with hearing people, and don't assimilate with deaf culture. i can see where that would upset some deaf people. i recommend that you watch the documentary "The Sound and the Fury". It is about cochlear implants and the decisions entailed. It's really quite good.
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Utai Utai
you have a lot of questions and each and each is extremely important yet has a distinctive slant on how your infant's existence might bypass. I strongly propose you bypass to a gathering the place people who've lived with their very own or a kinfolk member's severe listening to limits can seek advice from you overtly and actually approximately those possibilities. The cochlear implant isn't as suitable as human beings think of. The sounds the guy hears are actually not the comparable as a guy or woman with generally occurring listening to understanding. sign language works in a community of those with listening to deficits, yet in a international of listening to maximum individuals of folk do not sign. putting a infant in a surprising college can grant them a feeling of community yet does not enable the infant to enhance a rounded social circle, adjust to human beings's beside the point and rude responses in a miles less threatening way, and not enable them to enhance friendships with neighors, etc. No, a regulation does not might desire to be made. look on the actress with listening to loss and see that she signs and indicators, reads lips, yet lives interior the generally occurring community. in case you have not examine any of the books like the Miracle worker or different books on Helen Keller, do in view which you will get an perception to help you're making the alternative. Ms. Keller went directly to alter right into a diplomat, etc., and he or she not purely lost her listening to as a infant (age 2) yet additionally lost her sight. Your possibilities are frustrating and few have walked the walk you're taking. Use the professional components and those of the deaf community to help you're making this existence changing determination. lower back, your possibilities are frustrating.
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