Does she have a secret crush on me?

Does she have a secret crush on me? Topic: Writing letter for confirmation
June 20, 2019 / By Noelle
Question: I sat by myself in a lounge. i got up to walk around. then when i returned to my seat i see a small peice of paper. i pick it up and i read the writing on it. it said, "You looked so lonely. I just wanted to say hi! :)". at first i immediately thought and hoped that a girl wrote the letter and she was still around the place. i looked up for most of the night looking for a lady to make eye contact with me or even come to my table to reveal herself. no one came to talk to me and i was left alone wondering who wrote the letter and why. i later figured out for myself without any confirmation that i think the waitress wrote this who works there. she never revealed herself as the one who wrote the letter but i do remember her staring at me as i passed her by when i got up again after i got the letter. i had to think of this later on as i did not come to this right away. what should i do and what do you think of her feelings towards me? do you think she likes me? The writing actually says, "You look so lonely just wanted to say hi sunshine :)"
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Lysandra Lysandra | 5 days ago
i wouldnt say she has feelings. she probably is interested in you but is afraid to actually talk to you in person for many reasons. If I was you i would go back and find her and ask her "hey what's up with that letter"? Do you find me attractive? lol your choice but to me I think she digs you. good luck! :)
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Keisha Keisha
She was probably just trying to be nice, doing one of those random acts of kindess. Trying to cheer people up, be a good person, you know. People do that sometimes.
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Indigo Indigo
there are two ways that you can go about this She does it to everyone because it's funny OR She thinks you're cute
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