What does the following sentence mean?

What does the following sentence mean? Topic: Hypothesis sentences examples
June 19, 2019 / By Maud
Question: The variation in intelligence scores within a racial group is much larger than that between racial group . What does it mean and why is that?
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Lashay Lashay | 4 days ago
So it means within a specific group. for example. chinese only, the intelligence scores will have a larger variety then say, when you do the comparison instead to "that group compared to an actual other ethnic group" ; ie. caucasians. the difference in intelligence scores between caucasian and chinese aren't so significant. i can't tell you why, since i haven't studied this before. my only hypothesis; is that within a racial group; there is wider number of diverse factors, ie. age, education, economic class. etc. which causes more numbers of different intelligent scores, whereas racial group compared to racial group, has only a few factors ie. race.
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Jessalyn Jessalyn
Variation means a change within a population, so it's literally saying that the difference in intelligence scores from one individual to another of the same race are more varied and diverse than the variation in intelligence scores from one race to another. This is because humans, regardless of race, are more similar than dissimilar so naturally picking two random individuals of the same race will be more different than the difference between one race and another. This has to do with the law of large numbers as well, the greater the amount of people ( or anything ) that you sample the closer to the true mathematical average you will be. For example, if you take a sample of 3 people randomly selected from the same race and the 1st individual scored 15, 2nd individual scored 20, 3rd individual scored 40, then the mean is 25. But, if you take a larger sample, say of 20 people then you should get even closer to the actual population. For example, the true mean of everyone in the population could be closer to 30 than 25 for IQ scores, and the more and more people you sample the closer you get to the actual population mean.
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Florrie Florrie
For what it means, lets use an example. A racial group, say white people, take an intelligence test with scores from 1-100. using that statement we could deduce that their scores might range from 40-60 marks. if another group took this test, and we compared their scores to the white only group, we could deduce from your statement that the intellegence difference between each group was 50-55 marks. This score, would of course be between the averages of the two groups (e.g whites score 40-60 so average score of 50, blacks score 60-60, so average score of 60 - hence an average score between the groups of 55) sorry if this seem a little wordy, trouble explaining it :P as for why, i can only suggest what the answer above me has said, that in one racial group there are many more factors than in between the average scores of two different racial groups,
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