Canon LPB2900 reports a false paper jam?

Canon LPB2900 reports a false paper jam? Topic: Driver cover letter
June 26, 2019 / By Parris
Question: My Canon LPB2900 printer jammed the other day and even though I cleared the jammed paper gently and following the instructions to the letter, whenever I try to print it keeps saying there is a paper jam. I've checked thoroughly and there is no paper inside, I've tried to unplug it and plug it, I've opened and closed the cover repeatedly and I've taken the toner out a few times. Still no luck. I haven't found any additional information on the internet or in the manual. Any ideas?
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Margarita Margarita | 3 days ago
check that the paper tray is set to match the paper your printing - look also in the printer driver settings for the correct size. A4, Letter etc.. If that did not fix it make sure the paper take-up roller isnt worn. http://Quikshiptoner.com
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