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High school guy help? Topic: Homework eye problems
June 19, 2019 / By Paulene
Question: i feel like in high school its all about looks to get a guy. im not the greatest looking, but im not the worst, 5 foot ish, green eyes, brown hair with blonde highlights and im about 130, b-cup. im not a freakishly desperate girl who just wants a guy, im trying to get the guys i like. problem is i can be kinda shy and awkward. i know you'll say "don't be shy" but i need to know how to NOT be shy. then, after i get over my shyness, or even b4 that, i want to know what i can do. please help
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Marianne Marianne | 3 days ago
Hi HPOTU, What can you do to be less shy? Start by asking some girls and guys in your class questions about homework. After you do that for a while, then you can target a specific guy you think is cute and ask him. So, you're shy and haven't done much with boys yet? Good! You haven't missed anything. Why? Because young teenage guys tend to be frogsā€¦ not princes. Because young teenage girls are simply too vulnerable, too impulsive, and too emotional. Because young teenage guys are typically only interested in what's in a young girl's panties. Because young teenage guys usually don't care about a girl's feelings. Because the types of young teenage guys who are bold enough to be dating are frequently focused solely on satisfying their own selfish desires. Because when the inevitable break-up occurs, a young teenage girl will often feel as though her heart has been trampled. Because any older guy who would date a young and vulnerable teenage girl is a creep. Does it seem like all your friends dating and you're not? That's OK... you can learn from their heartache, pain, and tears as they're dating those frogs. Actually, I'd recommend waiting until you're a junior in HS... to give those frogs some extra time to mature into princes. But if you want to start dating immediately, at least ask your parents first... and then choose only nice guys to date. When you're about 16 or 17 and ready to hunt for a BF, if you have some guy friends or just some guys in class you feel comfortable talking to... give them first chance. Look them all straight in the eyes and tell them that you want to start dating and this is their big chance, because you're available and will be looking for a good BF... and you don't want to hear any blubbering such as "Gee, I always liked you but thought you weren't interested! Blah Blah Blah" after it's too late. Then just be nice to a couple of decent guys, smile at them, and ask a few questions about whatever you both might have in common (homework, school, music, teachers, etc...). They'll ask you out. If they're too stupid or too shy to ask you out (which will be likely), then you ask them out instead. If a guy says "no", laugh and tell him he's an idiot... most guys like a girl who's funny and honest, and he might change his mind. So, want some more free advice? OK. Young guys and young girls are typically very unpredictable... including you. Don't get too wrapped up over who likes who, because the next day it could be completely switched around. Don't get too obsessed with your looks, because personality is the ultimate hook for most guys in a long term relationship. You don't need to be drop-dead gorgeous or a perfect 10. Most guys would prefer a cute girl rather than a 10. Why? Because a 10 is usually high maintenance, spoiled, vain, selfish, unappreciative, arrogant, useless... and a 10 would probably also have expensive tastes. Exactly how do you get a guy to like you and keep him interested? Just be nice, pleasant, and friendly. Don't act like a sl*t, or you'll only succeed in attracting complete jerks who will then proceed to wreck your life... and make your parents really mad at both you and the jerk you've hooked up with. Don't expect too much from a teenage BF at first, or at least until you both get to know each other better. Statistically, it won't last anyway... so just enjoy spending time with him and have some innocent fun together. Don't be too dramatic, and don't be clingy. Don't over-analyze him too much. Watch out for those handsome players or creeps who might pretend to like you, because you could easily fall for their phony attention and smooth lines of crap. Beware - they'll use your body and then dump you like a sack of potatoes. No matter what, don't date any older guys who pretend to be interested in you. They're even worse than players your own age... and like the players they'll only be interested in one thing... and it won't be your mind. Decide on your physical limits before you start dating, and stick to those limits. Getting too excited while being together with your BF is not the time to start thinking about setting limits... your judgment will be clouded, and your BF's judgment will be long gone. No, I'm not kidding. Keep your panties on until you get married. That'll eliminate 99% of the creeps, losers, and players... which will make your life much happier and simpler in the long run. You'll also be protected against pregnancy, STD's, and excessive heartache. Don't make too many stupid decisions, don't drink booze or take drugs, don't have friends who drink or take drugs, listen to your Mom and Dad, read the Bible (the Gospel of John is a good place to start), and then everything will turn out fine. That's all there is too it, HPOTU. Signed, PC .
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Kolleen Kolleen
Well, you could try smoking some cannabis indica (marijuana). The tetrahydrocannibinol effects the chemicals in the frontal lobe, causing happiness and a want for social interactment. Users become much more outgoing and relaxed in social situations that would normally be incredibly awkward. I'm not trying to peer-pressure you. Don't get the wrong idea, this won't make him like you if he's not into you already. Sorry :(
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