Can any1 help me with setting up a outdoor antenna?

Can any1 help me with setting up a outdoor antenna? Topic: Case sales and installation
June 16, 2019 / By Sharona
Question: I have a standard dvd surround sound system with build in am/fm radio that came from radioshack. I bought an indoor antenna hoping to get better signal because i live in a rural area outside of ocala fl. Well it didnt do anything so i was looking into getting an outdoor antenna. The stations i want are in tampa, gainsville, and orlando but to be honest i know nothing about radio signals and antennas. I mean even if i got a Winegard HD6055 will it even work on my set up or do i need a AV receiver and/or hd radio? Which again i know nothing about. Tampa is about 114 miles away orlando 100 miles away and gainsville 40 miles away in the other direction. Wont the signals interupt each other? Or wont the same channels interupt each other? Also According to http://www.summitsource.com/winegard-hd6055-fm-antenna-hd6055-8-element-local-offair-fm-radio-rooftop-aerial-outdoor-digital-stereo-reception-signal-75-ohm-part-hd6055-with-coax-cable-p-6535.html . The 6055 has only a 40-50 mile range But if i jump in my car and drive 40 miles in each direction i can pick up the signals easy (i think i havent tested exactly). I was thinking of going with antenna specialists but i heard they are cheaply made as well as expensive. So everything is leading towards winegard if any1 has better suggestions i am all ears. Thank you ahead of time and sry for the long question =P and my ignorance I didnt actually mean setting one up, rather than setting 1 up i need more info about outdoor antennas if you read the rest of the post you will understand what i mean. And no chimney i live in a metal building apt. But thank for the quick respond it just wasnt quite what i was looking for no other answers? =(
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Paise Paise | 3 days ago
I can see several obstacles here. First, your building is obviously one of the main reasons that the indoor antenna didn't work well; the metal construction is blocking the signal from entering the building. The second obstacle is the distances involved. The good news is that both "should" be fixable. I am assuming that you have access to the roof in your apartment? Getting an antenna outdoors is going to be critical for this installation. The good news is that if your building has any significant height, that solves a big issue right away since we generally like to get antenna's as high into the air as possible. The Winegard antenna you specified is a decent model, however it is a "directional" antenna, which means it must be pointed into the direction of the station you want to listen to. This presents a problem in your case because the other station is in the other direction; still, it is sometimes possible to get satisfactory reception off the "backside" of a directional antenna, so pointing it at the further station might work in your case. Otherwise to use an antenna like that effectively you may need to use a TV rotator so that you can "turn" the antenna to the station you want to listen to. Another option is to "Stack" more than one antenna; each one points to the station of interest. Here's a tip for you; any antenna designed for VHF TV use (ie analog channels 2-13) will also work for FM radio. This might be significant because of the upcoming DTV deadline; there might be a slew of antennas coming up for sale that nobody else wants. Just make sure it covers VHF or it will not work well. One of the "omnidirectional" type antennas with built in amplifier might also work for your application. Here's another thought to consider; do you currently have cable? In some areas the cable provider also puts FM stations on the cable so that you can connect it to your FM receiver. Somtimes they shift the frequency a bit to fit the stations in that they have on there but this might be an easy option in your case. BTW, you don't need any other receivers to do this (you had asked in your question). The one you have should be good enough if it has the connections on it for an external antenna.
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