I am torn up inside, can someone please give me some advice on what to do?

I am torn up inside, can someone please give me some advice on what to do? Topic: Can quotes be used in a conclusion
July 19, 2019 / By Antonia
Question: I liked this girl so darn much. She is a friend of mine who broke up with her bf of 3 months. She already knew that I liked her, but I said that I would not interfere with their relationship. 2 days after the conclusion of their relationship, she asked me out for a one on one movie, caught her staring at my reflection in the mirror(looked away when I caught her) and she also started to hang out in my room etc. She turned down my offer to walk her home, it did hurt me, but my room mate went ahead and told her that she needed to clear things up now (I didn't tell him to do this). She later told me that she like me as a friend. I am seriously tired of this, I feel like crap now and now I feel like I was being led on for the heck of it. The guys that she is choosing isn't by any means--personality wise and looks wise--better than I am. Where do I go now. 19 yr old. Please help me! Thanks.
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Zackary Zackary | 1 day ago
You're torn inside because your idea for a relationship with her was rejected. In this case, it sounds like you weren't able to talk to her as much as you would have liked. If it makes you feel any better, rejection happens all the time to lots of people in many different ways. How would I deal with it? One of my favorite quotes is by rapper Ice T and it goes like this: "There's a hustler term for setbacks. They say, 'It ain't about the come up, it's about the comeback.' Anybody can come up, but can they come back? That's where you get your stripes. Winners have to absorb losses. Setbacks are hard. So you gotta pull up your boots, get your sh*t together, shake it off, and come back." If it was me, this is where I would use my energies and re-evaluated where I was at with her, but more importantly, myself. Perhaps, I'd figure it'd be fun just getting to know her more because she's a cool gal who and obviously likes hanging out. Perhaps, I'd pay attention to other things: sports, family, hobbies, a group of loyal friends, or even another friendship I have with another gal. Either way, you have plenty of choices and plenty of time to choose them in. Good luck.
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Shimhi Shimhi
I knew this girl in college that I was friends with. We got along great, finished each others sentences etc. etc. All her many boyfriends hated me because they saw me as a threat. After years of friendship, where we were never single at the same time, we finally went out on a date. It was like dating my sister. We both agreed at that time that the date was a huge mistake. I really liked her and visa versa but we were after all just very good friends. I often wonder what would have happened if we had not reached that point. My point? We were just friends and that was all right. You can't make a girl or yourself feel differently than they do. If she knows how you feel and still goes for another, lesser guy.... maybe it's just to weird for her to feel that way about a friend. I hope this helps.
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Oberon Oberon
Either this girl is playing hard to get or is on the rebound after a failed relationship or both. I wouldn`t get involved with her if i were you it will cause tears for both of you. Take her "i like you as a friend" as a sign and move on. But if you really like her and cant give up on her that easilly give her some time at least to get over her break up most people dont go out with someone straight after they left someone else.
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Lanny Lanny
oh man, I feel your pain. I have had problems in the past similar to yours, but you know, everybody has had this same problem. How old is she? She may not know what she wants... I think you should tell yourself that you are the best one, you are a hell of a guy, and if she loved you, she will realize what is missing. Let her go, she will come back to you when she gets things sorted out in her head. And remember, if it was meant to be, then it will happen, if not, it won't. There is someone out there that is only meant for you. It is all in the plan.
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Itai Itai
Best to leave her alone. She is a drama/issue case right now, just got some issues on relationship. After a breakup its best for her to heal it'll take some time if she jumps into a relationship now she'll be hurting the next person she dates. Best to be her friend & not to think about it too much. Find someone else.
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Itai Originally Answered: So torn, and don't know what to do?
OK my dear, I didn't even have to read your entire entry to see that you're in a bad spot with this fellow. Not once did I read that you were ever with a decent boy...during the time you were with your boyfriend. You were and still are faithful to this guy who has no respect for you, treats you like a child and is controlling your life...while he's off screwing any girl he wants. I've been in a situation like this where there was not only mental abuse but also physical. Something that comes soon after the mental abuse. Stand back and think! Is this guy worth it? Are you ready to give up these young years of your life for him? You are young and probally don't know how a 'real' relationship should be. My dear, there are men out there that treat young woman with respect and love. You'll be so suprised that, YES...you are special and deserve to be spoiled and treated like a human being. I'm telling you this from experience dear! I lost many years to a man who didn't think twice about sleeping with other women and at the same time BEGGED me to not leave him. Yes, you are pulled back to him because there is some 'false' guilt on your part, but this will pass. You don't miss 'him', you miss the idea of having someone with you. He isn't worth it dear. Just think how your life could be without him. Finally you can be your own person and do what you like, not answering to him. Leaving an abusive person, which he is, is pure heaven! OK, I hope you do the right thing. If I can help one woman from the horrible cycle of abuse, I will be happy. I could write 100 pages to you about how I feel!!!!! Good luck dear...if you need to talk, feel free OK? Now go kick some ***! :)

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