Does he like me? Or just as a friend?

Does he like me? Or just as a friend? Topic: Organizing homework for college
July 17, 2019 / By Kell
Question: I met him 2 months ago...I'm a new college freshman He smiles at me a lot, and talks to me quite often. We have been alone together quite a lot, talking and chatting too, up on the roof looking at the view during the night, and doing homework up late... Yesterday was my birthday and he was so sweet, he organized my birthday surprise party and invited all my blockmates and friends, and brought me a big cake, and I gave him a hug =) He's also came to my dorm to ask if I want to play cards with him. I notice he tends to look at me when I'm in the room, but is kinda shy to talk to me?? Also we went on a school trip for 1 week and when we came back he seemed really happy to see me , smiled really hugely and when he came back and we hugged... Do you think he likes me? I enjoy his company and think he's a really sweet guy, We often talk about everything! School, people, atttitudes etc... Thanks guys=]
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Irma Irma | 3 days ago
it seems like he doesnt knw if he should like u hes kinda between because he thinks tht if u dont like him u two will loose the friendship theres no way of knwing unless if u ask him or sme1 does tht though i preferre for u to wait till he ask u, u knw cause he might nt like u and then he'll think ur weird but i hve feeling tht he does so it just abt timing hope i helped and let me knw wat happens
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Irma Originally Answered: What would you do if your best friend did this to you?
No, don;t be mad. Accept it gracefully then throw it away if necessary or regift. Also, use the stationary to write back to her at the very least and she'll feel like you are enjoying stuff. finshaggy.blogspot.com

Elfa Elfa
The guy has a crush on you but does not know how to start the relationship. Give a kiss and see how he reacts. If he gets freaked out say i just wanted to see if you like me. good luck lol
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Cheryl Cheryl
If he organized your birthday party, obviously he likes you. Especially since he tends to stay up with you! Make your moves smoothly! Best of luck!
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Ashtaroth Ashtaroth
Aww, sweet. Seems like you met a really nice guy. And YES, I definitely thinks he likes you. Good Luck! x♥x♥
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Zophai Zophai
I think he does like you. He's probably scared to make a move in case you call the sexual harassment police on him and is waiting for you to make the next move.
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Zophai Originally Answered: How do I tell my best friend I like him? HELP?
Well, IM is not a great idea so cross that off the list. In person is your best bet. You sit with him at lunch? Tell him at lunch. Or after school. Ask him to take a walk and talk about it. I think that would be cute, :] If you have a certain place that you hang out a lot you can go there too. Just find somewhere where you can be comfortable and that there aren't people everywhere. And then once you find your spot just tell him! Tell him you've been friends for a long time and you are developing some really great feelings for him and that you want to know how he feels. Just tell him how you feel! Simple as that! Good Luck! :]]

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