Controversial Science topics?

Controversial Science topics? Topic: Animal biology research paper topics
July 20, 2019 / By Erin
Question: I have a paper for my English college class and we need 10 topics that are controversial for my given field, Biochemistry. I have some already but does anyone know of any topics, related to biology,chemistry, or human sciences.Thanks
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Claire Claire | 10 days ago
Genetic Engineering, Stem Cell Research, Genetically Modified Food Products, Vegetarianism, Use of Addictive Substances for Medicinal Purposes (morphine), Creating Human Beings in the Laboratory, Animal Experimentation, Human Experimentation
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Claire Originally Answered: What is are some controversial topics of 2010?
Abortion Gay Marriage Immigration Death Penalty But, these are too general and common. What I would write about is the controversial topic of how social scientists perform experiments on people to study human behavior patterns. The kind of experiments I'm talking about are where they test participants reactions to certain conditions. For example, The Milgram Experiment involved testing people's "obedience." What he did was gather a group of participants to play teachers and students. There real participants served as teachers and a group of fake participants , which were Milgram's assistants, served as students. The teachers are to say a sentence to a student and the student is to repeat the sentence back to the teacher. If the student messes up they must receive a slightly painful electric shock. The results of the experiment showed that the "teachers" were willing to shock (hurt) the "students" even through the students' protested because they were told to do so. The shocks were actually fake and the real participants were then told that too. The results were that a large number of subjects were willing to administer the pain. Why is this controversial? Well, because critics claim that Milgram may have caused the participants psychological harm by uncovering a side of them they would rather not know about. This is very controversial because at almost all learning institutions researchers must go through an administration before they can do any type of theses harmless experiments, even if it is just have people pick what type of food they like the best or the such. There is a lot of data that you could access for this. Also, it would be very easy to write for both side; the side of the social scientists trying to aide in research and development or the side of the critics trying to protect human rights. If this is too general you can focus on one recent experiment that made headlines.
Claire Originally Answered: What is are some controversial topics of 2010?
Scientific testing is a very controversial issue. I would go with GMOs and how they are tested on animals and then put in our food. The European market successfully got packaging labels on Genetically modified foods, yet anywhere states try to raise this issue food corporations pay to defeat it. There is too much loss of money involved for food companies to inform the public of what we are really eating. It is no surprise that there are so many cases of new diseases and increased cancer rates, it is in all the junk food and GMO foods we are eating."We are all the guinea pigs of agricultural corporate profits' However, the other argument of GMO testing is we need all the GMO food to feed the masses as not everyone can afford or grow organic. We have been consuming GMOs for the last ten years; do research get informed. The original scientist who studied the effects of GMOs on rats saw that the rats did not do well and when he gave his recommendation of the GMO's effects on the rats, his research was never released and he was given a gag order. I learned this in an environmental communications class. Other topics you can write on immigration policy, but focus on Arizona to narrow it down. What are the pros and cons. Write about yellow journalism in the media and the way issues are presented as one sided. Write about Sarah Palin. Write about medical marijuana, the pros and cons of its use and that it is proven to have less detrimental effects on your body than alcohol and alcohol is legal; both are depressants. Just some ideas for you. Good luck with your paper. Whatever you write about use a variety of sources and make it interesting, in traditional academic writing you argue both sides pros and cons, maybe flounder on your perspective in the middle, but then come to your own conclusion at the end. Controversial issues are the best ones to write about.
Claire Originally Answered: What is are some controversial topics of 2010?
One topic you may like to consider is the influence Sarah Palin and the Tea Party may have on splitting both the Democratic and Republican party's' platforms for the nomination of party candidates to represent each party. It is possible that the Tea Party will split both the Democratic and the Republican parties because some people who are either Democrats or Republicans will switch to the Tea Party because they are fed up with the performance of both the Democratic and Republican parties and they want change, and they consider any change that isn't either Democrat or Republican to be a welcome change. People are sick and tired of hearing the rantings of both the Democratic and the Republican parties and now some may figure that the answer may lie in another political party and the Tea Party appears to be a contender that is becoming more popular the more Sarah Palin speaks to people at political conferences or gatherings of those who want to learn more about the stance and platform of the Tea Party. You will have no difficulty in arguing all sides and it will be easier for you to present arguments the more you learn of the stance of each party and party candidate; one thing to remember this is not about a potential candidate's stance it is about party stance, and were you to keep this separation you will be able to present better arguments and rebuttals for each side and hopefully without pre conceived ideas and with factual information, statistics and quotes from others to back up your arguments. I think this will keep you busy for awhile as the iron is getting hot and it will only get hotter the closer we get to the election.

Bambi Bambi
the themes stated so a strategies are all contrived controversies. They represent good usual technological expertise being challenged via dissimilar non technological expertise foyer communities ( and that contains the properly heeled anti worldwide warming cartel). There are genuine controversies interior technological expertise. the biggest modern debate swirls around the meaning and value of string concept. it fairly is somewhat previous your liking. So i could recommend an previous controversy, one now resolved. Alfred Wegener proposed the thought of Continental flow to describe the referred to sequences of rock layers, some organic and organic distributions and the form of South u.s.. He became taken care of with derision because of the fact he could not recommend a mechanism via which the continents ought to flow ( and he had them shifting a strategies too quickly ). evidence accumulated , a mechanism became realised and now Plate Tectonics regulations, regrettably too previous due for Weakener. Its a shifting tale. Scientists do not pop out of it ok however the technique of technological expertise exhibits itself robust - the evidence continuously wins interior the top.
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Bambi Originally Answered: Controversial Topics For Essay?
Body perception due to media sounds like an interesting topic, and it certainly has a lot to discuss. The first thing that sprang to mind when I saw this was Animal testing, an extremely controversial and interesting topic. In the end, though, you should decide which one you prefer, and would be happiest writing about.

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