Can someone give me advice about writing a story?

Can someone give me advice about writing a story? Topic: Advice about writing a novel
June 19, 2019 / By Ahearn
Question: I'm in the process of writing a novel, but recently, I've conjured up a new concise story for a writing exercise, and it has the potential to be elongated--like becoming a short-story or even a novel. I was wondering would it be wise to work on two stories at once? The first story I'm working is going to require a lot of research, so I'm impeding time with it; but in the meantime, I could work on this other story I've thought of, and it would give me more experience with writing fiction. Once I'm done, I can return to the prior novel and complete it. So, should I work on the new story and come back to the prose I was working on at first, or should I finish what I've started first? I'm really puzzled here because of this dilemma of mine ... what do you think? Thanks, Pecos. And you are definitely correct; I do have the tendency to neglect what I've started ... thank you so much!
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Sunny Sunny | 9 days ago
Write down enough of your new idea that you won't forget it, then go back and finish the first. If both ideas are good enough, they'll both need to be written. Don't hurry either, give them both the time that they deserve but by all means finish them. That is the problem with most talented writers; they cannot finish what they start.
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